The Flash Movie Gets Official New Logo as Filming Begins

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The Flash Superhero logo

The Flash will change the DCEU like never before, but exact details of how it will go down are still being kept under wraps. Directed by IT 's Andy Muschietti, the film will explore the heroic life of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen alongside Kiersey Clemons' Iris West and Ron Livingston's Henry Allen but with a time-travel twist.

It was confirmed that The Flash will adapt the famous Flashpoint storyline from the comics, meaning that Barry will go back in time to save his mom from dying. This heroic deed will, unfortunately, lead to an altered timeline full of unexpected twists and turns.

In the DCEU film, however, this act from Barry appears to tear the multiverse apart. The reported involvements of Michael Keaton's Batman alongside Ben Affleck's Dark Knight further solidified these claims, and the inclusion of Sasha Calle's Supergirl also presents numerous story possibilities.

While fans speculate on what will happen, an important update about the film has emerged.


The Flash director Andy Muschietti officially unveiled the logo of the upcoming DCEU film on Instagram alongside a glimpse at the movie's score.

Muschietti also confirmed that filming has begun for the Ezra Miller-led project:

Here we go!!! THE FLASH Day 1. #theflashmovie

The Flash Movie logo
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. posted the video on Twitter , giving fans a much clearer look at the film's title card:


After numerous rumors and reports, the official start of filming for The Flash should give fans some clues about the narrative of the movie. Not much is known regarding if set photos and/or videos will be revealed during principal photography, but history suggests that a sneak peek will emerge.

To recap, both versions of Justice League established the premise that Ezra Miller's Barry Allen doesn't have a superhero name yet. Based on this official logo reveal, it's safe to say that the DC hero will finally embrace the title of The Flash.

The specifics of how Barry will end up with the iconic title are still unknown, but it looks like his appearance in 2019's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover from the Arrowverse could hold the answer. In that TV event, Miller's Barry came face to face with Grant Gustin's version with the latter introducing himself as The Flash.

Gustin's casual namedrop of his superhero name could inspire the DCEU's speedster. Given that the multiverse is involved, a second meeting between the two heroes makes narrative sense, thus solidifying the franchise's approach that every project falls under the same alternate universe.

The Flash will look to redefine the DCEU in exciting ways, and it all starts with Barry's time-altering adventure across the multiverse.

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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