Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin Reveals the Real Reason Why He Left The Flash

Why exactly did The Flash star Grant Gustin leave his DC role in the dust?

By Richard Nebens -

Grant Gustin
January 14, 1990
Barry Allen/The Flash
Notable Projects:
The Flash
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Wait, Did Grant Gustin Appear In The Flash Movie?

The Arrowverse actor didn't appear in The Flash movie, and it's just sad.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

The Flash's TV Actor FINALLY Reveals If He'll Appear In 2023 Movie

The Flash star Grant Gustin shared whether he will reprise his role in the DCU's The Flash movie.

By Richard Nebens -

The Flash's Grant Gustin Reacts to the Death of the Arrowverse

The Flash lead star gave his honest response to the Arrowverse's ending.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

The Flash Movie Includes Grant Gustin’s Hero on New Film Guide

A new piece of The Flash marketing features Grant Gustin's CW character, possibly hinting at his appearance in the film.

By Klein Felt -

The Flash Movie Rumored to Include Arrowverse’s Grant Gustin

A new rumor indicated that Grant Gustin's Barry Allen could appear in June's Flash film.

By Gillian Blum -

The Flash's Final Season Might've Just Teased Barry Allen's Child (Photo)

The Flash Season 9's first look photos teased Iris West-Allen's pregnancy.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

The Flash Director Confirms Plot Element from Grant Gustin's CW Show Will Be Used In Movie

'The Flash' Director Andy Muschietti discusses the use of time travel and describes his film as having heart, soul, and emotion

By Richard Nebens -

DC FanDome Announces Robert Pattinson, Jason Momoa & 80 More Celebrities In Attendance

Robert Pattinson, John Cena, Jason Momoa, and more have been announced as part of the official guest list of 2021's DC FanDome.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

DC's Arrowverse Is Seemingly Ending In 2023

The CW confirmed that Grant Gustin's The Flash series will end in Season 9 in 2023.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

CW’s The Flash Reportedly In Danger of Ending

A new report revealed that Season 9 of The CW's Flash might be the last of the series.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

The Flash Movie Rumored To Include Grant Gustin Appearance

Grant Gustin is reported to be appearing in a cameo in 2022's The Flash starring Ezra Miller.

By Matt Roembke -

Ezra Miller's Flash and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen Pose Together on Official DC Banner

Two new promotional images from DC Comics appear to embrace the multiverse-heavy narrative of the DCEU.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

CW's The Flash Cast Discuss the Show's Present and Future at DC FanDome

The Flash showrunner and cast discuss the show's present and future, along with a trailer for Season 7!

By Pierre Chanliau -

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