New Arrowverse 2023 Crossover Details Revealed for The Flash's Final Season

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Arrowverse Flash CW Crossover

The Flash Season 9 is set to feature several guest stars from across the Arrowverse, and a new report has revealed what to expect from one of its crossover episodes. 

The upcoming final season of the Grant Gustin-led series from The CW is expected to be filled with surprises as it will mark the end of the Arrowverse. 

Despite the show's many secrets, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace already spoiled the appearance of several notable Arrowverse heroes, including Kid Flash, John Diggle, and the returning Oliver Queen. 

While the first look at this crossover has been teased through set photos, a more detailed overview of the team-up has emerged online. 

What Happens in The Flash's Final Arrowverse Crossover?

The Flash Arrowverse Crossover

As per Canadagraphs' Patreon, The Flash Season 9 Episode 9 is set to be filled with exciting sequences featuring the titular speedster, Kid Flash, John Diggle as Spartan, and Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow.

The reliable Arrowverse scooper revealed that the heroes would face Sendhil Ramamurthy's Ramsey Rosso, a.k.a. Bloodwork. 

Canadagraphs then shared that Diggle was holding a bazooka in one scene, but the character didn't use it in any scenes (though it's unclear if the actor filmed a sequence inside with the weapon).

There was also a scene with Diggle (as Spartan) running toward Green Arrow and hugging him, indicating that the upcoming episode will be the first time they had seen other since Crisis On Infinite Earths. 

Afterward, the pair would go off-screen, prompting Kid Flash and Flash to come in. The scene between the two speedsters was focused on the pair pulling on some rope, with Barry yelling out to Oliver that he has a clear shot now.

There was also a sequence with Arrow, Flash, and Kid Flash standing together in a line (it was unclear if Diggle was present).

Another scene involving Green Arrow was also filmed. This time, the Arrowverse hero was perched on top of a truck, yelling out, "Ramsey Rosso, you have failed this city," as he aimed his bow and shoots into the distance. 

While Canadagraphs wasn't able to see a lot of scenes, the insider revealed that most of the action took place around a town car. 

Why Did The Flash Bring Back Green Arrow in Season 9?

Stephen Amell's return as Green Arrow in The Flash Season 9 surprised fans, but many would agree that his comeback is worthwhile due to his impact on the Arrowverse. That said, the character's return alongside Diggle and Flash (who are two of his best friends in the franchise) is quite fitting from a storytelling perspective.

It's possible that The Flash is repeating a trick they did in Season 3 when Barry Allen borrowed Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, from the past to help in a mission. In that timeline, Snart was already dead in the present, but the character's comeback was made possible due to time travel. 

Given that Bloodwork is a formidable villain, Team Flash has an "all hands on deck" situation on their hands. Barry could've figured out that Oliver Queen has the necessary tools and skills to bring Ramsey Rosso down, thus prompting him to bring him back to the present day. 

Although Oliver is no fan of time travel, the Arrowverse hero would definitely not say no to Barry, especially considering that the fate of Central City is at stake.

The Flash Season 9 is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, February 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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