Stephen Amell Hypes Up His Final Arrowverse Crossover

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Stephen Amell shared his honest thoughts about returning as Oliver Queen while also teasing the "really special" final Arrowverse crossover in The Flash's final season.

The CW and DC have gone all-out in bringing a satisfying close to the Arrowverse, and one way of doing it is by featuring the return of Amell as the Green Arrow in The Flash Season 9. 

Set photos already spoiled that Amell will suit up as the Arrowverse hero while speculation about his resurrection emerged online since the character died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Moreover, fans are also slowly dissecting the official promo of The Flash's final Arrowverse crossover for potential clues and Easter eggs.

Stephen Amell Talks About The Flash’s Arrowverse Crossover

Arrow and The Flash in The Flash's final season
The CW

Speaking with TV Line, Stephen Amell admitted that "it didn't feel weird at all" to return as Oliver Queen in The Flash Season 9, which is the final season of all the Arrowverse shows.

While saying that it was initially "nerve-wracking," Amell shared that he slowly felt at home after only a few minutes: 

“It was nerve-wracking, getting picked up on the first day and shooting my first scene, but after 15 minutes, it was like, ‘OK. I’m here…. When’s lunch?'”

The Arrow lead star then pointed out that being part of Grant Gustin's own Arrowverse ending "was really special:"

“It was nice to be there, and it was nice to see him.”

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

Amell also teased that the last episodes of The Flash are "big and involved," hinting that the Arrowverse will end with a bang: 

“They filmed, what, 13 episodes? And we’re the ninth. So though it would seem like you’re close to the end, trust me when I tell you that none of those casts thought that they were close to the end. Because those last episodes are so big and involved.”

Meanwhile, The Flash star Danielle Panabaker, who is also the director of the upcoming Arrow crossover, confirmed that the episode will include "one of the biggest stunts that have ever been done" on the show: 

“We did a fight sequence that, again, was my homage to the incredible fight sequences that they did on 'Arrow' all those years. And my understanding is that one of the stunts we did was one of the biggest stunts that have ever been done on 'Flash.' It’s a packed-full episode, absolutely.”

The Flash star Grant Gustin also recalled the action sequence that Panabaker was talking about, confirming that includes "a lot of superheroes:"

“[Danielle] had a big sequence in downtown Vancouver that took a couple of nights. [It involved] insane wire work and blew up some cars, a lot of background [actors], a lot of superheroes.”

Amell then offered high praise for Panabaker's stint as the crossover episode's director, describing her as someone who's "like an old pro:"

“Danielle was great. She nailed it. This was the first episode back after [holiday] break, so there were COVID protocols and a bunch of moving pieces, but she was totally in charge and really communicative with great notes. She was like an old pro.”

The Flash
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

Circling back to Gustin, the Arrowverse veteran admitted that sharing the screen with Amell again in the episode was "just like getting the band back together," noting that there are tons of "good times, a lot of laughing."

Lastly, Amell promised that Arrowverse fans will enjoy the series' final crossover: 

“We’re here to play the hits! We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s like, if Im gonna come back, [it’s] because the fans would enjoy me coming back. Well, if the fans are going to enjoy it, then what are they going to enjoy? You start there.”

Predicting Stephen Amell’s Role in the Arrowverse Crossover

Although the official promo for The Flash's upcoming crossover with Arrow already confirmed that Stephen Amell's Green Arrow will return, the exact role of the character in the episode is still unknown. 

Given that Oliver Queen died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, the upcoming installment is expected to explain how the character is still alive and well. From time travel to alternate dimensions, the possibilities are endless.

The first footage of the crossover did hint that Bloodwork's return may have endangered the Multiverse. Considering that Oliver is the Arrowverse's Spectre, it's possible that this impending threat may have forced him to return, leading to him assisting Team Flash to get rid of Bloodwork once and for all. 

Amell already confirmed that he will not appear as Oliver Queen in The Flash series finale aka the Arrowverse's ending, so the show's final crossover presents many opportunities to wrap up the incredible dynamic between Barry and Oliver while also giving diehard fans a well-earned swan song for the hero that started it all.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 9, "It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To," is set to premiere on The CW this Wednesday, April 26. 

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