The Flash TV Finale Will Be Missing 1 Major Hero

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Grant Gustin as The Flash

As The Flash approaches its highly-anticipated finale, a popular Arrowverse actor confirmed that he is not returning in the episode. 

The Flash is currently on hiatus ahead of its upcoming crossover with Arrow featuring Stephen Amell's return as Oliver Queen. Still, the show's finale is in the mind of many fans, especially after set photos spoiled a surprising villain team-up

Moreover, leaked set photos from The Flash's finale revealed the villainous transformation of a returning Season 1 character. With several villains confirmed to team up against Team Flash, many are wondering if some of Barry Allen's super friends will make a surprise appearance.

One Arrowverse Star Won’t Be Returning in the Finale

The Flash, Grant Gustin

Speaking with Flash TV News, Arrowverse veteran Stephen Amell confirmed that he wouldn't be returning as Oliver Queen in The Flash's upcoming finale.

While saying that fans shouldn't "anticipate" him in the series finale, Amell shared that The Flash's last episode "should not be about" Oliver in the first place: 

“Don’t anticipate me in the series finale. This was it. We very purposely took the time to do [Oliver’s appearance] before the series finale, because the series finale should not be about where Oliver is, and what he’s doing, and his relationship with Barry."

Amell then pointed out that the finale should center around "Barry [Allen]'s relationship" to Central City, Team Flash, Iris, his family, and his journey: 

"It should be about Barry’s relationship to Central City, and to Team Flash, and to Iris, and to his family, and his journey. I wouldn’t want to take away from that at all.”

Despite Amell's confirmation that he will not show up in the finale, Arrowverse's resident bow and arrow expert is still slated to appear in the ninth Season of The Flash, with him teaming up with Barry Allen, John Diggle, and Wally West against a returning Bloodwork to potentially save the Multiverse. 

Why the Flash’s Finale Doesn’t Need Oliver Queen

The Flash clearly has a lot on its plate in giving the Arrowverse a worthwhile ending. So far, Season 9 already included several notable guest stars from other shows to pay tribute to what came before, which includes appearances from Javicia Leslie's Batwoman and Nicole Maines' Dreamer

Moreover, Stephen Amell's surprising return in The Flash is quite fitting already since it is expected to be an emotional affair due to his incredible partnership with Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster while also pleasing longtime fans. 

Amell was right when he mentioned that the finale should not be about him or any other major Arrowverse hero. Instead, the final installment should focus on elevating who Barry Allen really is as a hero of Central City.

In past seasons, Flash was able to seek help from some Arrowverse heroes to defeat a few major villains. This time around, though, defeating a powerful team-up of past foes allows the Scarlet Speedster to grow and become Central City's greatest protector once and for all. 

The Flash Season 9 Episode 9,  "It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To," is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, April 26.

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