First Look at The Flash's Final Arrow Crossover Officially Released (Photos)

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Stephen Amell's surprising return as Green Arrow in The Flash's final season was highlighted in a new Arrowverse trailer for its upcoming crossover.

The Flash’s final season is pulling out all the stops to give the Arrowverse one last memorable run by bringing back many guest stars.

Javicia Leslie already pulled double duty as Batwoman and Red Death in the first half of the show while Nicole Maines’ Dreamer finished an impactful crossover after a dreamland adventure with Iris West-Allen.

Now, it is Amell’s turn to take the spotlight in The Flash Season 9. 

The Flash Brings Back Stephen Amell's Green Arrow

TV Line officially released a brand-new trailer for The Flash Season 9 Episode 9, "It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To," showcasing the first official look at Stephen Amell's comeback as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

It remains to be seen how Amell's Green Arrow will return, but the trailer hinted that his comeback could be connected to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover combined with the meddling of Ramsey Rosso's Bloodwork. 

After seemingly being transported into an alternate Lian Yu, Barry Allen meets Oliver, with the latter asking him what he did this time: 

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
The CW

In a heartfelt moment, Barry hugs Oliver upon seeing him, but the embrace was too long that led to the latter hilariously asking the former to let go:

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, The Flash
The CW

The trailer also confirmed that Amell will suit up as Green Arrow one last time in The Flash's final season: 

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
The CW

Speaking with TV Line, The Flash star Grant Gustin described his reunion with Amell as "getting the band back together:"

“Stephen and I, it’s like getting the band back together. Just good times, and a lot of laughing.”

Amell also told TV Line that being part of The Flash's swan song "was really special," teasing that the upcoming crossover will "100 percent" delight fans with a plethora of Arrowverse callbacks: 

“We’re there to play the hits, man. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.”

The trailer can be seen below: 

Is Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen Still Alive?

The Flash’s latest trailer appears to imply that Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen is still alive. However, this seems not to be the case, mainly due to several possibilities.

In the penultimate installment of Crisis On Infinite Earths, Oliver Queen died as Spectre after defeating the Anti-Monitor to form a new Multiverse. Since then, Oliver hasn't appeared in the Arrowverse; The Flash Season 9 is expected to explain his return. 

Based on the trailer, Bloodwork appears to have tricked Team Flash into a nightmare scenario, leading to an alternate reality where the Arrowverse villain is its ruler. 

When Oliver said that "It's not just your world that is in danger, there's a new Multiverse to replace the one that had fallen," it seems that Bloodwork's shenanigans led to another Crisis-related conflict that endangers space and time. 

As a result, Oliver, as Spectre, unexpectedly returns, finally telling Barry that the Multiverse still exists and decides to become Green Arrow again to sort out the mess that Bloodwork made. 

However, Arrow's ending revealed that Oliver and Felicity Smoak are in the afterlife. The most plausible explanation for his return in The Flash Season 9 is that the Multiverse being in danger allowed him to become Spectre again to save it one more time. 

The Flash Season 9 Episode 9,  "It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To," is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, April 26.

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