Arrow's Felicity & Oliver Family to Get Official Update from The CW

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Stephen Amell's return as Oliver Queen in The Flash's final season is confirmed to have an Olicity connection. 

The CW's The Flash Season 9 is set to have one final Arrowverse crossover, bringing back Amell's Green Arrow to help Grant Gustin's Barry Allen against the returning Bloodwork.

While the official promo of the upcoming episode also confirmed that Arrowverse favorites like Kid Flash and John Diggle will join the fight, some have wondered if it will also tease what happened between Oliver and Felicity Smoak after Arrow's emotional ending.

Will The Flash Tease Olicity's Status?

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Speaking with TV Line, the Arrowverse's Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell teased that The Flash's final Arrow crossover will include "a nice allusion" to "how the family is doing," saying that "the script is just really well done.”

Amell's comments may hint that the episode will provide an update about the current status of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (Olicity) after Arrow's emotional ending. 

On the flip side, the actor's "family" remark could tease that the crossover will reveal what's going on with Oliver and Felicity's kids in the future: Mia Queen and William Clayton.

Arrow's final episode revealed that Oliver and Felicity are together in the afterlife, suggesting a happy ending for the Arrowverse's power couple. 

While that final moment offered a resolution to Olicity, Amell vaguely hinted that his return as Oliver in The Flash Season 9 will offer new information "that would intrigue people:"

“I’m not particularly precious when it comes to dialogue, but I wanted to make sure that Oliver had something to offer, be it new information or the opening of a door, something that would intrigue people. And we got a couple of those things in there. I can’t say enough about how collaborative Eric was.”

Amell previously hyped up The Flash's final Arrowverse crossover, promising fans that they will enjoy it:

“We’re here to play the hits! We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s like, if Im gonna come back, [it’s] because the fans would enjoy me coming back. Well, if the fans are going to enjoy it, then what are they going to enjoy? You start there.”

What Could Be The Flash’s Olicity Tease?

There are many possibilities as to how The Flash will pay tribute to Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak's status after Arrow's happy ending. 

Given that Oliver is still the Arrowverse's Spectre, it's possible that he has the ability to escape from the afterlife for a brief moment if the Multiverse is in danger once again. 

Considering that the official promo hinted that Bloodwork's return could bring an end to the Multiverse, this could explain why Oliver decides to leave Felicity for a while to help Barry Allen and Team Flash. 

There is a chance that Oliver will give an update about Felicity through dialogue, assuring fans that she is okay in the afterlife. Oliver could also explain to Barry the deal of being Spectre and how Felicity understands his new role in the Multiverse. 

Moreover, the Green Arrow actor might also provide another reassuring update that his kids in the future are alive and well, indicating that the Arrow family is in good hands. 

The Flash Season 9 Episode 9, "It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To," is set to premiere on The CW this Wednesday, April 26. 

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