The Flash's Grant Gustin Reacts to the Death of the Arrowverse

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As The Flash Season 9 is poised to end the Arrowverse, Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin shared his honest take on the DC's shared universe swan song. 

The fall of the Arrowverse began when several shows were unceremoniously cancelled, with the likes of Batwoman and DC's Legends of Tomorrow meeting the ax. This is on top of the fact that franchise cornerstones, Supergirl and Arrow, already ended, leaving only The Flash as the sole survivor.

As a result, The Flash is pulling heavy duty in wrapping up the Arrowverse in the best way possible, bringing in guest stars like Javicia Leslie's Batwoman, Nicole Maines' Dreamer, and Stephen Amell's Green Arrow.

Grant Gustin Opens Up about Arrowverse's Ending

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with TV Line, The Flash lead star Grant Gustin talked about the show's final season and the Arrowverse's ending.

When asked if it is easier ending The Flash's run knowing that there isn't an Arrowverse going on anymore, Gustin responded with "I don't know" before saying that "there's no point in thinking about the scale" of the shared universe when he's learning the Scarlet Speedster's scenes: 

"I don’t know. I was always so focused on what we were doing, which was 'The Flash.' I mean, you’re aware that you’re part of a greater Arrowverse, Berlanti-verse, universe, but there’s no point in thinking about the scale of it when you’re just kind of learning you’re scene and doing your job."

Still, Gustin pointed out that The Flash did justice to cement the Arrowverse's finale, noting the plethora of guest stars who have already appeared and will appear in the show: 

"We wanted to make as many people that had been a part of the Arrowverse be a part of our last season because really, it was the Arrowverse wrapping up. So it didn’t really just feel like 'The Flash' wrapping up. It did feel like the whole thing was wrapping up."

The Barry Allen actor ended by noting that "it did make it a little easier" knowing that the Arrowverse is "not going to keep going without us:"

"I guess I hadn’t thought about it but maybe in some ways, it did make it a little easier knowing the party’s not going to keep going without us, it’s like we’re shutting this place down."

Is the Arrowverse Truly Ending?

It's quite fitting that Grant Gustin is openly reflecting on his show's lasting influence on the shared universe, mainly due to The Flash's overall impact on the Arrowverse being undeniable.

Gustin's comments appear to suggest that The Flash Season 9 is truly the end of the Arrowverse. This comes despite David Ramsey, who portrays Arrow's John Diggle, previously claiming that the second draft of the script for the Justice U spin-off from The CW was in the works.

It's possible that the John Diggle-led spin-off might've also been dropped, with official news coming soon from The CW. If so, any remnant of the Arrowverse will not exist once The Flash ends.

Despite that, the Arrowverse already had an impressive 11-year run on The CW, with the franchise showcasing several crossovers, including an impactful one last 2019 when it aired the ambitious Crisis on Infinite Earths

Hopefully, The Flash's remaining episodes will end the Arrowverse on the right note. 

The Flash Season 9 premieres new episodes every Wednesday on The CW.

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