The CW Just Spoiled Batwoman's Arrowverse Return

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Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

The Flash Season 9's third episode featured Javicia Leslie's Arrowverse return as the Red Death, but a new promo image from The CW may have also spoiled the actress' comeback as Batwoman in the next installment. 

Although Batwoman was unceremoniously cancelled by The CW, The Flash is set to provide a proper conclusion to the Gotham-based series. 

Set photos already revealed that the Scarlet Speedster will encounter Leslie's Batwoman for an action-packed scene, but it is unknown how the latter would react to Red Death. 

Javicia Leslie Returns as Arrowverse's Batwoman 

The first promo for The Flash Season 9, Episode 4 showed a scene where Candice Patton's Iris West-Allen is opening her apartment door to an unknown visitor:

Iris West-Allen
The CW

The scene mentioned is at the 0:15 mark of the video below:

The CW then released a brand-new promo image of Javicia Leslie's appearance as Ryan Wilder in The Flash Season 9 Episode 4, confirming that the Arrowverse's Batwoman will show up in the upcoming installment:

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, The Flash
The CW

The image above indicated that Iris' visitor is Ryan Wilder since it showed her with another person who closely resembles Patton's Arrowverse character. 

It is unknown if the version of Ryan Wilder that visits Iris is the Arrowverse's Batwoman or if it's Ryan's doppelganger from another Earth who is portraying Red Death. 

Is Javicia Leslie's Red Death from the Arrowverse's Multiverse?

One of the biggest questions from The Flash's final season is whether or not the Arrowverse's Red Death is from the Multiverse.

Season 9's third installment may have teased that Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder from the Batwoman series is the same character under the Red Death helmet due to the reveal that Gotham City's protector has gone missing. 

It's possible that Red Death may have kidnapped Earth Prime's Batwoman since she knows that she would eventually uncover her plan against the Flash. 

Given that the latest promo revealed that Wilder was able to go to Iris' apartment, it's safe to assume that she successfully escaped Red Death's lair. 

There's also a chance that this version of Batwoman is the actual Red Death, potentially playing mind games with Iris after trapping Barry in her base. 

However, set photos already spoiled that Batwoman and Red Death will clash (along with the help of Barry's team of reformed supervillains), indicating that two versions of Ryan Wilder are on the same Earth. Despite that, it's also likely that Arrowverse's Batwoman may have snapped out of the Negative Speed Force's influence, leaving another avatar to take over the Red Death suit. 

Whatever the case, the next two installments of The Flash are expected to clear the air. 

New episodes of The Flash Season 9 premiere on The CW every Wednesday.

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