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How to Watch All Arrowverse Shows In Order (Chronological)

Buckle up: here is your ultimate guide to watching the entire Arrowverse in order.

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October 6, 2019
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The CW
Holly Dale
Carl Seaton
Ruby Rose as Kate Kane
Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder
Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox
Caroline Dries
Caroline Dries
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Latest Batwoman (Series) News

The CW Prevented 1 Arrowverse Hero from Getting a Happy Ending

One main Arrowverse hero did NOT have a happy ending, and it's just sad.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Photos: Batwoman's Javicia Leslie Wears Gorgeous X-Men Storm Costume for Halloween

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie has released new images of her cosplaying as one of the most iconic members of the X-Men.

By Russ Milheim -

Batwoman Season 2: First Photos of Javicia Leslie as Lead Hero Ryan Wilder Revealed

New Batwoman set photos reveal a first official look at Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder character.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Season 2: The CW Officially Releases First Photos of Javicia Leslie's Full Batsuit

The CW has officially unveiled the first official look at Javicia Leslie as Batwoman.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman: Ruby Rose Explains Her Decision to Depart as Kate Kane

Former Batwoman actress Ruby Rose admitted that the early shutdown of the first season played a "bigger part" into her decision of leaving the CW series.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

7 DC Movies & Shows That Got Canceled Recently

Here is a list of 7 DC movies and shows that have been canceled and 7 which fans fear are on the chopping block.

By Russ Milheim -

Batwoman Season 2 Casting 'The Whisper' Villain (Exclusive)

A Batwoman casting call reveals that The Whisper will be a new female villain in Season 2.

By Lauren Rouse -

Batwoman Star Reveals Season 4 Ideas If the Show Gets Saved

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie responded to the fan effort to save the show as well as what she would have liked to see in season four.

By Jennifer McDonough -

The CW Just Cancelled Another DC Arrowverse Show

The CW was reported to have cancelled the Arrowverse's Batwoman series after 3 seasons.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Season 4 In Jeopardy as Show Writers Campaign for Renewal

The official Twitter account of Batwoman's writers' room recently campaigned for the show's Season 4 renewal.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

New Arrowverse Set Photo Reveals First Look at the Joker

A new Batwoman set photo unveiled the first look at the Arrowverse's Joker.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Arrowverse Reveals First Look at Batman Villain Poison Ivy In Batwoman

A brand-new look at Nicole Kang's major transformation into Poison Ivy on The CW's Batwoman was officially unveiled.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Production Assistant Says 'Cruel' Ruby Rose Was 'Tyrant' On Set

A Batwoman Season 1 production assistant issued a statement exposing Ruby Rose's cruelty towards the crew on set.

By Sam Hargrave -

Batwoman's Ruby Rose Reveals Horrific Conditions That Led to Arrowverse Exit

Former Batwoman actress Ruby Rose finally explained the circumstances behind her exit from the CW series while exposing horrific incidents from the set.

By Sam Hargrave -

Batwoman Finds Its Poison Ivy In Agent Carter Alum

Bridget Regan has been cast as Poison Ivy in Season 3 of Batwoman on the CW.

By Russ Milheim -

Batwoman: First Look at Black Mask Villain Revealed

Peter Outerbridge has reportedly joined the cast of Batwoman to play the show's chief villain, Black Mask.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Surprises Fans With Recast of Ruby Rose's Kate Kane

The CW's Batwoman has unveiled a surprise recasting of former main character, Kate Kane.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Superman & Lois Gets 2 Extra Episodes As The CW Renews Batwoman, The Flash & More

Superman & Lois now has 15 episodes instead of the originally-planned thirteen-episode slate.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Arrowverse Crossover Between Batwoman and Superman & Lois Officially Cancelled

The 2021 Arrowverse crossover will not happen due to COVID-19 concerns.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Season 2 Poster Reveals Official New Look at Javicia Leslie's DC Hero

A new Batwoman poster provides an impressive look at the vigilante's new costume.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Season 2: New Poster Shows Javicia Leslie's Hero Ready for Action

A new poster from the CW's Batwoman has been released by DC.

By Tom Drew -

Batwoman's New Trailer Teases Season 2 Plot & Creepy Villain

A new trailer for Batwoman has been officially released by The CW, showcasing a fresh new look at Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Batwoman Season 2: Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Javicia Leslie Suiting Up

A new video released on Twitter shows Javicia Leslie suiting up as Ryan Wilder's Batwoman.

By Richard Nebens -

Watch: Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Strikes a Pose in New Batsuit Set Video

The new star of Batwoman, Javicia Leslie, shares a video featuring a new look at her Batsuit in motion.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Batwoman Season 2 Receives New Logo Inspired by Comics

A brand new logo for season two of Batwoman has been revealed.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Batwoman Season 2 Plot Details Reveal Scarecrow Debut, Kate Kane Exit

New plot details about Batwoman Season 2 give insight into how Ruby Rose's Kate Kane will exit the series and in what way Scarecrow will be featured in the show...

By Lauren Rouse -

New Batwoman Details Revealed About Ruby Rose's Replacement

A leaked casting call for Batwoman season 2 reveals that Kate Kane will be written off in favor of a new character.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Batwoman: Riverdale's Vanessa Morgan Rumored To Be In Consideration For New Lead

Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan eyed as a potential replacement for Ruby Rose's Batwoman

By Lauren Rouse -

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