The CW Prevented 1 Arrowverse Hero from Getting a Happy Ending

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DC Arrowverse Superheroes

Every major Arrowverse hero received a happy ending except one member of the franchise's Justice League

The Arrowverse already reached its end after The Flash's explosive finale on The CW. The final season of the Grant Gustin-led series was the last one to pay tribute to the Arrowverse, and it came after Supergirl and Arrow ended on their own terms. 

However, there are other shows, namely Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, that didn't have a satisfying ending after being unceremoniously canceled by The CW.

One Arrowverse Hero Didn't Receive a Proper Ending

Sara Lance, Caity Lotz, DC

Caity Lotz's Sara Lance had an eventful journey throughout her time in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The character went from an assassin to the Waverider's captain, cementing herself as an important Arrowverse hero. 

In Legends of Tomorrow's Season 7 (aka the show's final season in The CW), Sara and Ava Sharpe made a big step when it was revealed that the former was pregnant with the latter's baby. This was made possible when Sara was reborn as a human-alien hybrid that had the DNA of Gary's species. 

However, the show's Season 7 finale revealed that Booster Gold betrayed the Legends, leading to their arrests by the time police. Thus, it is unknown if Sara could successfully conceive her baby with Ava, leading to more questions than answers. 

But what about the endings of the other titular Arrowverse heroes?

Barry Allen - The Flash

The Flash, Barry Allen, Grant Gustin

Fresh from its final season, Grant Gustin's Barry Allen from The Flash had a perfect ending after nine incredible seasons on The CW. After making a truce with Eddie Thawne (the new Avatar of the Negative Speed Force), Barry was able to witness the birth of his daughter, Nora West-Allen. 

Barry and Iris finally had their happy ending during the Season 9 finale, and the perfect icing on the cake was the Scarlet Speedster's passing of the torch moment when he shared his powers with three new potential heroes of Central City (Avery Ho, Max Mercury, and Jess Chambers). 

Oliver Queen - Green Arrow/The Spectre

Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell

Oliver Queen's Green Arrow is the one who started it all. In fact, the whole franchise is named after his show. 

During the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event, Oliver died twice by sacrificing himself to save Earth-38 from the Anti-Monitor's forces and as Spectre after defeating the Anti-Monitor while starting a new Multiverse. 

Although Oliver met his demise, the character was able to successfully pass the mantle to his daughter, Mia Queen. Arrow's series finale also revealed that Oliver was able to spend the rest of his time with his wife, Felicity, in the afterlife. 

Kara Danvers - Supergirl 

Kara Danvers, Supergirl, Melissa Benoist

In Supergirl Season 6, Kara Danvers was struggling with the idea of carrying a double life, which took its toll when her former boss, Cat Grant, hired her to become CatCo's Editor-in-Chief. 

However, after some pep talks with Cat and Lena Luthor, Kara ultimately revealed her identity as Supergirl to the world, finally finding her much-needed peace of mind. 

Ryan Wilder - Batwoman

Ryan Wilder, Batwoman

Although Batwoman was canceled by The CW, Season 3 showed that Ryan Wilder's titular vigilante managed to defeat Marquis Jet (the show's version of Joker) and save Gotham City again. 

Batwoman's Season 3 finale also unveiled that Ryan and Sophie's relationship is stronger than ever, wrapping up the pair's arc in a perfect way. 

Jefferson Pierce - Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning

Black Lightning ended its run in Season 4, showcasing a happy ending to its titular hero. 

After successfully defeating his longtime rival Tobias Whale, Jefferson Pierce retired as Black Lightning and remarried his ex-wife, Lynn. Jefferson's daughters, Thunder and Lightning, took over protecting the city. 

Although Sara Lance didn't have a proper ending at the end of Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse proved that the Multiverse has endless possibilities, meaning that the former Waverider captain could've had a happy swan song in one of the alternate Earths. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is available to stream on The CW app.

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