Watch: The CW's Epic Arrowverse Finale Gets Official Trailer

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Grant Gustin Flash Season 9 trailer

The CW officially unveiled a new trailer for The Flash series finale that will mark the Arrowverse's ending. 

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously hyped up the upcoming finale by teasing that it is full of "greatest performances ever" from its stellar cast while also describing the conclusion as "just a labor of love all around."

The Flash is expected to pull out all the stops in delivering an incredible finale as set photos unveiled an epic speedster clash and a major return from an important Arrowverse villain from Season 1. 

The Flash Finale Trailer Highlights Evil Speedsters 

The newly-released trailer for The Flash finale highlighted an epic speedster battle between Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster and his villains from previous seasons. 

The 21-second promo featured appearances from Tom Cavanagh's Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash as he looks to be taunting Barry from afar. In the background, Rick Cosnett's Cobalt Blue and Savitar were also included.

Reverse Flash, Cobalt Blue
The CW

Teddy Sears' Zoom can also be seen in a brief sequence.

Teddy Sears as Zoom
The CW

John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick is confirmed to make an appearance in the series finale.

The Flash
The CW

STAR Labs is also in danger as a singularity appears to be destroying Team Flash's base.

The CW

The trailer can be seen below: 

Why Did The Flash's Past Villains Return?

While several of The Flash's greatest villains have already been defeated by Barry Allen, the series finale will bring them back for one final Arrowverse showdown. 

In The Flash Season 9's penultimate episode, Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne accepted to become the avatar of the Negative Speed Force, meaning that he has control of the timeline. 

Given that the Negative Speed Force appears to be desperate in trying to defeat Barry once and for all, it looks like it will use Eddie/Cobalt Blue to mess with time and bring Reverse Flash, Savitar, Zoom, and Godspeed back in 2023 to destroy Central City and the timeline. 

However, the presence of Jay Garrick suggests that Barry will have a team of his own against the speedster villains, recruiting his daughter Nora West-Allen and Team Flash to try and contain them. 

Hopefully, the Arrowverse finale will deliver on all fronts to bring the franchise to a satisfying end.

The Flash's final episode will premiere on The CW on Wednesday, May 24. 

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