The CW's Flash Spoils Major Cameo Appearance In Finale

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The Flash's upcoming series finale is confirmed to bring back an Arrowverse mainstay. 

The Flash is inching closer to its epic finale with three episodes remaining.

The Grant Gustin-led series recently delivered a game-changing episode where it finally resolved one major cliffhanger from Season 1, and the show is expected to feature more surprises as it brings the Arrowverse to a close.

While previously-leaked set photos from The Flash finale spoiled a major supervillain team-up, an official confirmation on which version of one speedster villain will return in the episode has been revealed.

The Flash TV Finale Features Major Arrowverse Villain Return

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, via Entertainment Weekly, confirmed that Tom Cavanagh will return as Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash, in the show's Arrowverse finale.

Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne
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Wallace also revealed that Cavanagh will portray the original Season 1 version of Reverse Flash when he returns in the May 24 episode, "A New World, Part Four."

Prior to the writer's strike, Wallace said that Barry Allen's final race wouldn't be complete without Reverse-Flash, noting that it was "always part of the plan" to bring back Cavanagh's version: 

"This is Barry Allen's final race, so you can't tell that story without including his most infamous adversary: The Reverse-Flash. And having brilliantly played the character since season 1, bringing Tom back as our show concludes its run was always part of the plan."

The Arrowverse showrunner also reflected on the actor's "exciting portrayal" of the villain throughout the show's nine-year run: 

"Tom's exciting portrayal of Eobard Thawne has been unforgettable for nine years, and fans will be delighted to know that he's brought that same wonderful intensity to our finale, too."

Cavanagh's Reverse-Flash last appeared in The Flash Season 8 finale where he died after his body was disintegrated by his own negative energies.

How Will Reverse Flash Return? (Theory)

Tom Cavanagh’s return as Season 1 Reverse-Flash is a promising sight. considering the actor’s incredible performance as the Arrowverse villain.  

However, given that the character already died several times in The Flash, it remains to be seen how Eobard Thawne will return to torment Barry Allen once again.

While Matt Letscher, who portrays the original Eobard Thawne, already wrapped up his story in The Flash Season 9 Episode 10 during a full circle time travel moment, the consistent return of Cavanagh’s version suggests that he will forever be tied to the Scarlet Speedster.

In the four-part finale of The Flash (and the Arrowverse), Rick Cosnett’s Cobalt Blue is confirmed to be the last big bad. It’s possible that bringing back Reverse Flash is part of his evil scheme to take down Team Flash.

The first part of the finale already showed that Cobalt Blue is capable of transporting Barry to any point in time, and the same could be true for Reverse Flash.

As one of the last tricks up his sleeves, there’s a chance that Cobalt Blue will transport Reverse Flash alongside the other evil speedsters in the final battle against Barry Allen and for the fate of Central City. 

The Flash Season 9 Episode 11, "A New World Part Two," premieres on The CW this Wednesday, May 10.

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