The CW's Arrowverse Finale Gets Exciting Update from Showrunner

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Grant Gustin as The Flash, Zoom, Savatar

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased exciting things to come in the upcoming Arrowverse finale on The CW.

As The Flash inches closer to its finish line, the hit Arrowverse series is pulling out all the stops to deliver an incredible season. The CW previously announced that an epic four-part finale will ultimately give the Arrowverse its worthwhile ending. 

In fact, the first part of that thrilling finale managed to resolve a major cliffhanger from The Flash Season 1 while a returning (and major) guest star is confirmed to appear in the series finale. 

The Flash Showrunner Hypes Up Arrowverse Finale

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly prior to the writers' strike from the WGA, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace discussed what's in store in the upcoming Arrowverse finale.

While admitting that he was "very proud" of The Flash Season 9, Wallace said that he can't wait for fans to see the final episodes, noting that it is full of "greatest performances ever" from its stellar cast: 

“I’m very proud of the whole season, but boy, I can’t wait for the fans to see these last episodes. I can’t wait to unleash them on the world. We have some people that have been with the show since day one, and they gave their greatest performances ever.”

Wallace then pointed out that the conclusion of The Flash's four-part finale (aka the Arrowverse's swan song) is "just a labor of love all around," with him giving a shoutout to the hardworking cast and crew behind-the-scenes: 

“It’s just a labor of love all around. The crew, cast, writers, directors, everybody, it’s the hardest we’ve ever worked. Not that we haven’t had even bigger episodes because certainly a crossover is bigger, but the commitment to excellence that everybody was bringing with knowing that these were the last batch of Flash episodes was unmatched."

The showrunner ended by saying that he is going to miss his The Flash family: 

"We were a family. I’m going to miss my Flash family.”

Entertainment Weekly also unveiled a final poster to celebrate the last episode: 

Grant Gustin as The Flash
The CW

After The CW confirmed that Tom Cavanagh's Reverse Flash will return in the finale, set photos also revealed that past big bads will appear alongside Rick Cosnett's Cobalt Blue, namely Teddy Sears' Zoom, Savitar, and Godspeed. 

Predicting How The Flash Ends

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously confirmed that the Arrowverse's special ending will end on a "positive, high note," potentially indicating that there will be no major deaths from Team Flash. 

This is an encouraging sign, considering that Grant Gustin's Barry Allen suffered a lot already in the past seasons. 

Given that the first two parts of the Arrowverse finale revolved around Iris West-Allen's pregnancy, it's possible that the last installment will end with Barry's wife giving birth, cementing its promise of a happy ending for the show. 

In fact, Wallace teased that the show will end by honoring "[its] legacy,"  hinting that it could all boil down to unveiling Nora and Bart Allen as babies. 

Of course, Iris giving birth to Nora will need to happen right after Team Flash goes up against Cobalt Blue and the horde of evil speedsters that he is expected to recruit across time. 

All in all, The Flash's final episode is poised to focus on an all-out war for the timeline while also setting up the next speedsters in line to protect Central City alongside the titular hero. 

The Flash's final episode will premiere on The CW on Wednesday, May 24. 

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