The Flash TV Finale Reveals How Barry's Mom Died With [SPOILERS]

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Grant Gustin as Flash, Nora Allen mom

The Flash's final season isn't holding back in delivering a perfect send-off for Grant Gustin's Barry Allen and the Arrowverse as it finally resolves one major cliffhanger. 

The CW has been hyping up The Flash's swan song in the past few weeks, with the network confirming that the final four episodes will act as one giant-sized finale for the series.

After a highly-praised final Arrowverse crossover with Stephen Amell's Green Arrow, Season 9 once again delivered a worthwhile episode to the longstanding DC series by featuring major callbacks to its debut season. 

A Recap of How Barry Allen's Mom Died 

The Flash Season 9, Nora Death

The Flash Season 1 revealed a good chunk of the story of how Barry Allen's mom died. While the basic gist is the fact that Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash killed Nora Allen after an epic battle with the Flash, there is more to the narrative. 

During the night when Barry's mom died, there were initially four versions of Flash present in the scene. Season 1 Flash is the one hiding in the closet who tries to stop the Reverse Flash while Season 2 Flash aka the creator of the Flashpoint timeline is the one who successfully stopped the murder. 

After realizing the negative after-effects of Flashpoint, a new version of the speedster from Season 3 prevented his past self (Season 2 Flash) from stopping Thawne, thus erasing both of them from the equation. 

The Flash Season 9

This leaves only Season 1 Flash and a future version of the Scarlet Speedster as the remaining variants left during the night when Barry's mom met her tragic fate. But who is this future version?

The Flash Multi-Part Finale FINALLY Addresses Cliffhanger

The Flash Season 9

The Flash Season 9 Episode 10 - the first part in a four-part finale - brought Barry Allen back in time to March 18, 2000, the day when his mother, Nora, died at the hands of the Reverse Flash. 

The episode was full of emotional moments, with Barry spending time with his parents one last time and him finally being at peace with the death of his mom. 

The main reveal, though, was that the show finally confirmed that the Scarlet Speedster from the future who fought Reverse Flash during this night is, in fact, Season 9 Flash. This version of Barry is also the one who saved his younger self from Thawne. 

The reason why Season 9 stopped his past self from saving his mom is due to the fact that Nora's death is a fixed point in the timeline, meaning that it is supposed to happen in order for Barry to become the Flash in the future. 

For Thawne, though, it was too late for him to realize this, leading to him being trapped in the past which ultimately led to the events of Season 1. 

This is a full-circle moment for the show as it managed to fully resolve what really happened that night.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 11, "A New World Part Two," premieres on The CW next Wednesday, May 10.

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