Batwoman: First Look at Black Mask Villain Revealed

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Javicia Leslie as Batwoman, Black Mask

The second season of Batwoman is off to a thrilling start, mainly due to the show's focus on the heroic journey of Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder . Created as an original character for the series, Wilder was pushed to the forefront after the departure of Kate Kane actress Ruby Rose at the tail-end of Season 1, and so far, the new Gotham protector is keeping the city in check.

The first half of the sophomore run of Batwoman is almost done, meaning that the series will have to transition into a new threat. A good chunk of the first part was focused on the mystery of Kate's disappearance and the involvement of Safiyah in the whole ordeal.

The latest episode resolved these story beats by showcasing the return of Kate in recasting the character with Krypton 's Wallis Day while also revealing the true intentions of Safiyah along the way.

Now, as the show progresses into the second half of the season, a new villain has emerged.


Deadline shared in a report that Peter Outerbridge has joined the cast of Batwoman Season 2 to play Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask. The actor will reportedly have a recurring role for the remainder of the season.

The outlet unveiled the character description of Outerbridge's character, describing him as "a pragmatic and charismatic CEO who plays the “white knight” against Gotham’s corrupt systems" by day, but an "evil mastermind with a deep hatred of The Crows and masked vigilantes."

The first look at Outerbridge's Black Mask can be seen below:

Black Mask


It's no secret that the arrival of Black Mask in the Arrowverse spells trouble for Batwoman and the Bat-team. Based on the character's description, it seems that the duality of the villain will be a core plot point in the show, and it will be interesting to witness how Ryan and her allies will deal with this particular threat.

Given that Kate has already returned, this raises the question of whether or not Black Mask is involved with the character's disappearance. Now that it has been confirmed that Safiyah is just playing tricks with Alice and the Bat-team, it's reasonable to assume that Sionis could be behind the bombing of Kate's plane, considering that the official description teased that the villain has a “deep hatred” towards masked vigilantes.

That being said, there's a good chance that Kane will seek revenge, and it's possible that the much-awaited team-up between her and Ryan will happen to take down Black Mask during the latter half of the season.

No doubt, Black Mask is a dangerous villain, and it seems that two versions of Batwoman will be needed to defeat him once and for all.

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