Batwoman Surprises Fans With Recast of Ruby Rose's Kate Kane

By Jennifer McDonough Updated:
Batwoman Kate Kane

The CW's Batwoman made headlines last summer when series lead Ruby Rose departed the DC Comics drama. Instead of recasting Rose's character, Kate Kane, the producers opted to bring in an entirely new character, Ryan Wilder, played by God Friended Me 's Javicia Leslie.

Starting with Season 2 of the series, it was explained that Kate Kane was involved in a plane crash and was presumed dead, prompting Ryan Wilder to take up the mantle of Batwoman. However, news has just come confirming that this has been changed.


As revealed by the most recent episode of Batwoman ( via TVLine ), Kate Kane, previously thought to be deceased by the show's characters and fans alike, is in fact alive. However, it's not Rose who is playing the character anymore, as Krypton's Wallis Day is taking on the role.


As mentioned above, Krypton and The Royals actress Wallis Day has indeed taken on the role of Gotham's former protector, the original Batwoman Kate Kane. In the episode itself, Kane appears heavily burned and bandaged in Gotham City's sewers, leaving her unrecognizable as the Ruby Rose version of the character. As such, Day herself did not actually make an appearance in the episode.

As the season continues however, the plan is likely in place to rehabilitate Kate and bring her back into the world. But will she wish to take back the role of Batwoman from Ryan Wilder? Time will tell.

When news initially broke of Ruby rose's exit from the series, many fans suggested the character of Kate be recast with none other than Wallis Day, so it appears the show's producers had been listening.

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