Batwoman Season 2: The CW Officially Releases First Photos of Javicia Leslie's Full Batsuit

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Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

CW's Batwoman series is poised to make a massive shift in terms of characters and storylines since a new heroine in the form of Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder will take center stage during the sophomore season. Plot details about the hit CW series are still being kept under wraps, but it is expected that the disappearance of Ruby Rose's Kate Kane will be addressed next season.

Along with Leslie's debut as Batwoman, it was also confirmed that another iconic Gotham villain in the form of Victor Zsasz will join the upcoming season, while previous rumors suggest that other members of Batman's rogues such as Scarecrow and The Whisper will also debut. 

Production for Batwoman is now ongoing, and it already featured short glimpses of Leslie's Ryan Wilder on set. And now, a new look at Leslie as the fully-costumed Gotham vigilante has made its way online. 


Deadline shared in a report that the CW officially released two official looks at Javicia Leslie wearing the "brand new and redesigned" Batsuit from Batwoman

Batwoman Javicia Leslie Suit
From The CW 

The second image showcases a different angle of Leslie in the Batwoman suit. 

Batwoman Javicia Leslie Suit
From the CW

Deadline also shared that a big reveal will happen during the third episode of the upcoming season. The outlet stated that Ryan will don Kate Kane's version of the suit "at the beginning of season two," but the new hero will ultimately redesign the suit "to let Gotham [know] that a new hero has arrived."


At first glance, the notable difference between Ryan Wilder's suit and Kate Kane's version is the lack of the iconic red wig that the character is best known for, with the latter replacing it with, presumably, her natural hair. On top of that, the utility belt now has a bat symbol while the arms sport red-painted fin-like projections instead of the usual black. 

It will be interesting to know the reason behind Wilder's emergence as a hero, and how her character will cross paths with the Bat-team from Batwoman. Based on the report, it seems that the first few episodes will serve as a baptism of fire for Wilder as the Caped Crusader, seemingly hinting that she will be thrown into the conflict from the get-go.

In conjunction with that, the bit about Wilder giving her own take on the Batwoman suit should bode well for the development of the character since this signifies that she takes full responsibility in terms of protecting Gotham. 

Whatever the case, this new look at Leslie's Batwoman should serve as a major step forward in building more hype for the CW show.

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