Batwoman Season 2: New Poster Shows Javicia Leslie's Hero Ready for Action

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Batwoman, Javicia Leslie

DC is gearing up for the return of the CW's Batwoman, which premieres its second season on January 17, 2021. The show is bringing on a fresh lead with a newcomer Javicia Leslie, who is notably replacing Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose has spoken about her decision to leave the series on numerous occasions, stating her departure was "best for the show at that time.” Nevertheless, Javicia Leslie will carry the torch by portraying an entirely new character in Ryan Wilder, who will explore the mysterious disappearance of Kate Kane in the show.

Several trailers have been released for the series, teasing potential plot threads and the brand-new costume for Leslie's take on the character. A few behind-the-scenes sneak peaks have also given fans' glimpses at Javicia Leslie in-costume, in addition to several promotional images that gave a full look at Leslie's Batwoman.

Now, another poster has been released to get fans ready for the series' imminent release, providing an up-close and personal look at the new suit...


In a recent tweet, Warner Bros. shared a brand-new poster from the CW's Batwoman, featuring Javicia Leslie all suited up.

Javicia Leslie Batwoman
From Warner Bros.


This is the first official image of Javicia Leslie all suited up in Batwoman since the initial reveal of the actress in the costume a few months ago. While not a full look at the suit, this close-up image demonstrates the immaculate detail that is put into these comic book-inspired costumes.

The gauntlets and gloves are getting special attention here, featuring panel lining and grooves to add to their design. Ryan Wilder is bearing her own "hammers of justice" in this poster, so it will be exciting to see what she can do with them when throwing down with Gotham City's criminal underworld. The blue and red lighting also adds intrigue going into the second season, potentially hinting at Wilder having to straddle the line between good and evil when finding her footing in the Batwoman role.

This is supported by the poster's tagline: "Find your power." With Ryan Wilder stepping into Kate Kane's shoes, there will be a lot of learning for the character during this process. Therefore, it seems that Wilder's arc, and potentially Javicia Leslie's job behind-the-scenes, for this season will be to find her own sense of self as a hero and establish herself as her own Batwoman.

Ryan Wilder arrives on the CW's Batwoman, when Season 2 beings on January 17, 2021.

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