Batwoman Season 2: First Photos of Javicia Leslie as Lead Hero Ryan Wilder Revealed

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The first season of Batwoman ended on a massive cliffhanger, but the big news about the show came after that. Days after the final episode of the inaugural season, news broke that Batwoman actress Ruby Rose had exited the hit CW series, sending shockwaves through the fanbase and the rest of the Arrowverse. 

From that point on, there were numerous theories on social media about the outlook of the show's sophomore season. After months of speculation, the CW show finally announced Javicia Leslie to don the cape and cowl as a new character in the form of Ryan Wilder after Rose's exit. Not much is known on how the narrative will move forward next season, but Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries hinted that the show will reference Kate Kane's disappearance in a surprising way. 

Production for the CW series has already started this month, and new set photos offer a first look at Leslie's character while also shedding some light on a potential storyline. 


Canadagraphs uncovered the first batch of photos from the set of Batwoman, which featured Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder character and a glimpse at Gotham City General Hospital. 


Batwoman with Mask
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The sophomore season of Batwoman will look entirely different, and these new photos serve as a prime example of that. On the surface, it's hard to decipher the meaning behind the photos that emerged, but it potentially hints that Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder is in an action sequence.

The first image shows Leslie trying to survey the area for a potential threat while the third photo seemingly teases that the actress is trying to chase the hooded figure, who could be a mugger, from the convenience store. Meanwhile, it is currently unknown how Gotham City General Hospital will tie into this sequence, but there's a chance that Leslie's character could've ended up on a hospital bed after putting up a fight against the hooded criminal or it could be the other way around. 

Additionally, these set photos also aligned with the earlier casting call for Ryan Wilder. The previously leaked casting information mentioned that Wilder is someone "who would steal milk from an alley cat and could also kill you with her bare hands," and these images potentially establish that aspect. It appears that Wilder is a character who is slowly starting to realize the effect of doing something good before eventually becoming a hero in her own right. 

All in all, Batwoman is shaping up to be both an exciting and intriguing season, and it has the potential to bring another worthy hero to the growing roster of the Arrowverse. 

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