Batwoman Finds Its Poison Ivy In Agent Carter Alum

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Batwoman has had an interesting journey on the CW, and in the Arrowverse as a whole. It all started out with Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, with the character even going on to play a key role in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

But then Rose quit fairly suddenly, leading to the showrunners taking drastic action: creating an entirely new character who would go on to take up the mantle. That person was Ryan Wilder, and she is played by Javicia Leslie. 

The show's second season continued on to mixed success. Eventually, Kate Kane did come back to the show, but this time brought to life by actor Wallis Day although Leslie remains the titular hero of the show. 

Thanks to a new announcement, fans now know the villain that is set to face off against Ryan Wilder in the show's third season.


Agent Carter

Variety announced that actor Bridget Regan has been cast as the villainous Poison Ivy in Season 3 of Batwoman on the CW. Regan will star in a recurring guest role throughout the season.

The actor is known for her work on shows such as Paradise Lost, Jane the Virgin, and most notably, Agent Carter, where she played the second season's villain in Dottie Underwood. 


Poison Ivy has been a very popular character against DC Comic villains. She's appeared quite frequently as of late, being played by multiple actresses in Gotham, and more recently being a lead character in the animated HBO Max series Harley Quinn.

Surprisingly, Pamela Isley hasn't been seen in the DCEU. With Harley Quinn being their most successful live-action character on the movie side, Ivy showing up seemed all but an inevitability. Good thing for fans then that Margot Robbie hasn't stopped fighting to see Quinn and Ivy's dynamics on screen together.

When it comes to Batwoman, it's certainly going to be fun for viewers to see her go up against such a big villain as the botanic queen. Though, after all, she did just come out of a fight with Black Mask.

Maybe Warner Bros. will allow the show to have Kate Kane be successful in her quest to find and bring back Bruce Wayne—then viewers can witness a mini Bat-Family face-off against Poison Ivy on television.

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