Batwoman Star Reveals Season 4 Ideas If the Show Gets Saved

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Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

DC's Batwoman was the Arrowverse's foray into the world of Gotham. The character first debuted in the multi-series crossover Elseworlds, which served as a springboard into her solo series. At the time, Batwoman herself was Kate Kane, as played by Orange is the New Black's Ruby Rose. Rose's stint was short-lived, however, and in the second season, a new character was created to take on the mantle of Gotham City's caped protector.

Enter Ryan Wilder. Portrayed by Javicia Leslie, the character took on the role of Batwoman after Kate Kane's mysterious disappearance. The next two seasons were spent with Leslie in the lead until the show was canceled in April 2022. Warner Bros. as a company is now merged with Discovery and it's been heavily rumored that those in charge are trimming the supposed fat from the DC Universe in order to adopt a more unified, streamlined approach for these famous characters.

Of course, that's no comfort to Batwoman fans, and since the series' cancellation, audiences have been campaigning to get the show back.

What Would've Happened in Batwoman Season 4?

Batwoman Season 4

Speaking to Digital SpyBatwoman star Javicia Leslie discussed her ideas on what she would like to see happen if the show were to somehow receive another season after being canceled. Leslie shared that she'd like to see "more Wildmoore," the romantic pairing between her character, Ryan Wilder, and Sophie Moore, portrayed by Meagan Tandy, as well as have continuing arcs for all of the major characters:

"Obviously, the fans would love to see more Wildmoore, which is Sophie and Ryan. I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story. We'd love to see Mary and Luke maybe spark something. I also would love to see what's going to happen with Alice. What we were blessed with was the ability to create a beautiful finale that, whether we came back or not, is very satisfying for all of us. Alice going off into the abyss as a person that has regained herself and her identity and, honestly, her sanity – I think it'd be beautiful to see where she is, even if she ended up back to being the same old Alice. It's such an interesting journey to have been able to experience. And the actress, Rachel Skarsten, has done such an amazing job playing every part of Alice and Beth."

Leslie also responded to questions regarding if she would like to return to the Batwoman character or instead seek other acting roles: 

"It's more exciting to just stay present, and allow whatever's supposed to happen, happen. If it came back, if the fans are able to bring it back, I would just be as excited to do it. And if it doesn't come back, I would just be as excited to move onto a new character."

Additionally, the actress expressed her feelings regarding to the fan-organized efforts to save the series, remarking that she's "taken aback.":

I'm very taken aback by all of it. Obviously, the most is now, because with this show coming to an end – there's so many people that this show represented, that really love to see these stories played out. So what they've been doing to get the attention of the studios and networks is that they've been putting up billboards all across the country. I've been randomly getting these messages with a billboard that says "Hey Batwoman" in New York and Chicago and all the major cities. So more than anything, regardless of what happens from it or comes from it, it's showing me how important this story was, and how important this character was, and how important these relationships were."

And finally, Leslie has a message to all those fans who are so passionate about wanting to bring the show back: "I hear you:"

"Just that I hear you and I see you. What the show means, and what the character means – it's being able to finally see yourself. It's never been done. We have not had a female Black lead as a title for a superhero show. We just haven't had it yet. And to top it off, she's also gay, and I think that's just such a beautiful combination of diversity, in a way where you're able to really represent a vast community of people that have not been able to see themselves. So my words to those fans are: I see you. You may not have felt seen before, but because of this role, and, honestly, just because of what I've experienced and my own understanding and my own experience – I see you."

Why DC TV Will Never Be the Same

Of course, Batwoman was not the only Arrowverse series to come to an untimely end via cancellation as of late.

The long-running Legends of Tomorrow was forcibly brought to a close by the network at the same time Batwoman was canceled. The CW's CEO, Mark Pedowitz has made it clear that it was not entirely the network's decision to end these shows, and word circulated that they were canceled because WB did not want to pay the lease on the studio space any longer.

However, The Flash is still on the air, having been renewed for a ninth season. Superman & Lois has also been picked up for a third. Perhaps Leslie will be invited back to reprise the role of Batwoman for one of the network's much-touted crossovers. This wouldn't be without precedent, as Cress Williams came back as the character Black Lightning for last Fall's Armageddon event on The Flash, which was filmed after Black Lightning ended after four seasons.

It's possible that the Arrowverse's days are winding down, but the shared universe of superhero television shows still seems to have a bit of life left in it yet.

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