DC's Arrowverse Lives? 1 New Spin-off Show Is Still Getting Made

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The Arrowverse has been in a state of flux ever since The CW canceled several shows, including Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Making matters worse, The Flash, which is the longest series in its lineup, is confirmed to end with its ninth season next year 

Furthermore, The CW's CEO Mark Pedowitz, the original architect of the Arrowverse, has stepped down following Nextstar's takeover of the network

While all signs point to the franchise ending, there's still hope that it will go out with a bang, especially after the confirmation that a final crossover featuring Titans and Stargirl is bound to happen.  

Now, another promising update has been unveiled in the midst of this major change for The CW. 

Arrowverse Still Lives Despite Ending Concerns 

Diggle Arrowverse

TV Line shared that Arrowverse veteran David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle in the franchise, told them that the "second draft" of the script of the Justice U series from The CW is being made while also confirming that they "closed the deal" on an unknown writer:

"We’re on the second draft of a script, and we just closed the deal on a writer. I’m not sure I can say her name, so I won’t, but we’re very close to submitting our second draft. It’s still in development, and we’re moving forward.”

This brief update offers a promising update about the Arrowverse after concerns that the interconnected franchise is ending following the confirmed final season of The Flash

The series is expected to follow Diggle after Arrow's series finale as he acts as a mentor for future heroes.

Is Justice U Set in Arrowverse's Earth Prime?

David Ramsey's latest update about Justice U is an exciting development, mainly because it allows the Arrowverse to continue with more stories. Still, the big question remains: is this new show still set in the world alongside Grant Gustin's Flash and Melissa Benoist's Supergirl or will it pivot to Superman & Lois' Earth? 

At first glance, it's easy to assume that the events of Justice U will happen in Earth Prime, especially considering John Diggle's close ties to almost every hero in that reality. However, there is a constraint in play due to the established storylines that shows like The Flash and Arrow already introduced. 

Given that the main focus of this next chapter of the Arrowverse issues to be primarily pointed to the success of Superman & Lois, it's possible that The CW would lean towards making Justice U set in the world of Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel. 

Doing this allows a fresh take on John Diggle's journey while also exploring new young heroes that would offer a fresh take on Superman & Lois' new world. 

Whatever the case, remnants of the Arrowverse are here to stay. 

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