Arrowverse CEO Loses Job at The CW

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The CW was once home to a robust slate of superhero TV shows based on the characters of DC comics. Beginning with Arrow in 2012, the shared universe grew into several more series with frequent crossovers between them.

Spearheading the effort, in part, was CW CEO Mark Pedowitz, who worked alongside Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti to bring shows like The Flash and Batwoman to life. 

Pedowitz entered as the network’s president in 2011 and was officially named Chairman and CEO in 2020. He was a constant champion of the Arrowverse, giving it room to grow with regular season renewals. But in the wake of The CW’s acquisition by the Nexstar Media Group, it seems as though Mark Pedowitz is packing up and moving on.

The CW CEO Leaves Network

Arrowverse CW

It was announced (via Deadline) that Mark Pedowitz, Chairman and CEO of The CW, is stepping down following the network’s takeover by Nextstar. Pedowitz, as mentioned above, greenlit most of DC’s Arrowverse series and was partly responsible for making the shared TV universe as successful as it was.

Additionally, the ex-Chairman penned a memo announcing his departure, which can be seen below:

Subject: A Note from Mark


Dear friends and colleagues,

All journeys have a beginning and end. My wonderful journey of 11 plus years at The CW is now concluding.

From the beginning of my time here at The CW all of you welcomed me with open arms. The camaraderie, teamwork, collaboration and creativity made this a truly special place to work.

Together, we have accomplished so much. This upstart network with its unique blend of programming brought The CW into the forefront of pop culture and social media. We made water cooler TV in a multi-platform world. We embraced what the audience wanted and gave it to them.

Many attempted to emulate The CW, but few succeeded.

Collectively, we Dared to Defy the conventional norms, converted weaknesses into strengths and forged new paths that no one had done before in the industry. The CW has become a recognized leader on-screen and behind the scenes with our efforts to showcase and embrace the diverse world we inhabit. We created an environment for people to express themselves without fear and created stability in an unstable business. We found ways to share our differences of opinion and arrive at a unified consensus.

As I end my CW journey, I will commence a new one. I have activated my production/consulting company Pinestreet Entertainment. I look forward to bringing some of my projects to The CW.

May the network’s journey continue to be one of unparalleled success and may all of you continue to Dare to Defy the naysayers.

I know I will.

With respect and admiration,


The Arrowverse is No More

It’s no secret that the Arrowverse is a mere husk of its former self. Arrow ended, as did Supergirl. Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were canceled. Superman & Lois takes place in another universe. That just leaves The Flash, which is speeding towards its ninth and final season.

The Nexstar acquisition was likely the death knell for the Arrowverse, and Mark Pedowitz stepping down feels like just another nail in the coffin. But the new budget-conscious regime at Warner Bros. Discovery, who own the DC characters, probably didn’t help either. Not to mention that the pandemic threw a spanner into the shows’ ability to do crossovers, which were always genuine ratings grabbers. 

It remains to be seen whether or not The Flash’s final season will pay tribute to previous Arrowverse shows and characters or if it will merely be focused on concluding its own storylines, but fans will know for sure when Season 9 premieres in 2023.

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