First Look at The Flash's New Captain Boomerang on Season 9 Set

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Grant Gustin's The Flash is now entering its ninth and final season on the CW. That means it's been almost a decade since the series first introduced the famous speedster into the Arrowverse. In those many years, the hero has gone up against countless foes.

His first season saw the introduction of the one and only Eoboard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash—easily one of the biggest threats Barry Allen has ever had to face; multiple times at that. Future seasons saw him go up against big bads such as Zoom, Savitar, The Thinker, Grodd, King Shark, and even Godspeed.

Given how many villains Gustin's Flash has fought, who might the final season have in store for him? Well, thanks to set photos, it seems an old rival is getting a makeover: Captain Boomerang.

Captain Boomerang Vs. The Flash

Captain Boomerang
DC Comics

Some new set photos from The Flash's ninth season have made their way online, and they showcase Grant Gustin's titular hero coming up against a new version of an old foe.

The bad guy in question is none other than Captain Boomerang. In the comics, George Harkness first appeared in The Flash #117 and went on to give the speedster a lot of grief over the years.

This time around, it seems that The 100's Richard Harmon will be portraying this new take on the villain. Harmon can be seen on location thanks to Canadagraphs, as originally posted on their Patreon.

For those scratching their heads, yes, this character has formerly been introduced in the Arrowverse and killed off. Originally he was played by Nick Emad Tarabay, having first been introduced in Arrow, Season 3 Episode 7, "Draw Back Your Bow".

Captain Boomerang
DC Comics

He eventually went on to die in the conflict against Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus, in that same series.

This new version could be the same exact character, with any differences being chalked up to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It could also just be a different man taking up the mantle.

Captain Boomerang has been quite a popular character in recent years. Jai Courtney brought the villain to life over three different DCEU films, including Suicide Squad, The Flash, and The Suicide Squad—with James Gunn's film being his last.

Captain Boomerang
DC Comics

The Captain Boomerang Craze

It's interesting to see the show cholose to bring back this villain, especially since he's already been done in the Arrowverse. This time around, though, it seems like they're aiming for a more comic-accurate look, and something vastly different than before.

But will he be just an episode threat, or go on to be a thorn in Barry's side throughout his final episodes?

It truly is a shame the CW series never properly put together The Rogues, a team of Villains that Boomerang has been a member of in the past. They would have made for a fantastic foil against the hero.

The group also features the likes of Captain Cold and Heatwave, two characters who were stolen by Legends of Tomorrow before they could be fully utilized by The Flash.

It's not yet known who the main villain of Grant Gustin's final season will be, but it's not likely to fall on Captain Boomerang; might feel a little too small time for it being the end of the show and all. As for who will get the coveted spot, it's hard to guess, mainly because The Flash has utilized most of the hero's rogues' gallery.

Maybe the re-hash of Captain Boomerang is the sign of a trend: old villains come back to play, but with some significant twist. Why? Well, Barry Allen is well known for messing up the timeline—why not do it one last time?

The Flash's ninth and final season will debut on the CW in early 2023. 

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