The Flash Producer Addresses Potential Arrowverse Legends Crossover In Season 9

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The Arrowverse is in a state of limbo after several shows were recently canceledBatwoman was the first series to receive the ax, followed by the eventual cancellations of Legends of Tomorrow and Naomi. This comes after multiple Twitter campaigns from the respective shows' writers' room trying to push for their renewals. 

Despite the cancellations of several Arrowverse shows, there are still remaining projects in the superhero lineup of The CW, namely The Flash, Superman & Lois, and a new series in the form of Gotham Knights. This raises the question if some or all of the remaining shows will address the cliffhanger endings of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow through potential crossover episodes. 

Now, one of the Arrowverse showrunners addressed the possibility of seeing a crossover with canceled shows such as Legends of Tomorrow

Will Another Arrowverse Crossover Happen? The Flash Producer Responds 

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The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace sat down with TV Line to talk about Season 9 of the hit Arrowverse series and if a crossover with Legends of Tomorrow is in the cards. 

During the interview, TV Line pitched the idea of Grant Gustin's Flash being involved in a rescue mission to save the Legends. 

While admitting that he still doesn't know how many episodes there will be in Season 9, Wallace revealed that a crossover with Legends is "not something that is very easy to do," pointing out that The Flash still has to wrap up its own story: 

"I don't even know what my order is. Going to save the Legends… as much as I'd love to do that, that's not something that is very easy to do in a season when I may have to wrap up my own story. I want to be honest, and not get anybody's hopes up."

Legends of Tomorrow lead star Caity Lotz previously shared that the team of time-traveling heroes was supposed to be in jail if the show was renewed for Season 8:

"Um… we were gonna be in jail. So, basically, we’d kind of… [be] learning how to be responsible… Time Masters, so to say, or you know, time travelers, so like a retraining. So they were gonna have us in jail, with a bunch of young cadets and stuff, and then we’re the old-school ones, like ‘We know how to do all of this!”

Based on Wallace's recent comments, it looks like the Legends will not be rescued by Barry Allen anytime soon. 

Will The Flash Save the Legends?

Eric Wallace's latest comments suggest that Season 9 of The Flash will solely focus on wrapping up its own story first before considering another set of crossovers with other Arrowverse heroes. This could also mean that resolving the cliffhangers of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow will likely not happen. 

Legends of Tomorrow proved throughout its seven-season run on The CW that the team doesn't need saving, as the time-traveling group of heroes always finds a way to get out of any situation. That said, placing the Flash as a potential savior of the team isn't the best route to go. 

At this point, The Flash still has several story threads to resolve, such as Iris West's time sickness, the Reverse Flash's potential return, and Caitlin's obsession to revive Killer Frost. It's reasonable to say that the Grant Gustin-led series will be overcrowded if the producers decide to pull the trigger for a crossover episode to help resolve the ending of the canceled shows. 

Despite that, the Arrowverse still has a history of including Easter eggs tied to other shows. There's a chance that The Flash's potentially final season will include a reference to the Legends' jail time through bits of dialogue, finally resolving the mystery behind the team's unfortunate mission. 

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