DC's Arrowverse Lives? Producer Hints at Future Crossover Despite The Flash Ending

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Eric Wallace, showrunner of The Flash, gave an optimistic response on the possibility of more Arrowverse crossovers.

After nine seasons over nine years, The Flash has reached its finish line, airing its final episode on May 24. All of its Arrowverse sister shows have ended or were canceled, and thus The CW's mainline DC universe that bloomed with eight spin-off shows throughout the mid-to-late 2010s has essentially concluded.

While the Arrowverse lasted 10 years, there hasn’t been much in the way of hope that the shared DCTV universe could continue on, especially considering that Superman & Lois takes place on another Earth and Justice U was abandoned.

What's Next for DC TV After The Flash?

Superman and Flash

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, The Flash’s showrunner Eric Wallace shared a message of hope in the notion that the Arrowverse could live on:

"I still am hopeful that the Arrowverse is not over. I've approached it as 'The Flash' is over and I want to make the best Flash series finale as possible."

The producer teased that he intends to convince Todd Helbing, who oversees Superman & Lois, to sneak an Arrowverse crossover into the show, should it receive a Season 4 renewal:

"I'm going to have lunch with ['Superman & Lois' showrunner] Todd [Helbing] in the next couple weeks. And I'm going to tell him, 'If you get a fourth season, you've got to sneak some Arrowverse in there. You are now carrying the torch.'"

As for Helbing, he too expressed a desire to include some cross-pollination between Superman & Lois and Flash, stating that he’d "love to bring Grant [Gustin] on:"

"I will say this, it sure is a lot easier now that the other shows aren't on the air, people's schedules are a lot easier to work around, so… maybe. I would love to bring Grant on, and I think it would be a lot of fun to have Candice, to have Iris with [Elizabeth Tulloch's] Lois Lane. So we'll see."

Could There Actually Be Another Arrowverse Crossover?

Over time, The CW’s roster of interconnected superhero shows became famous for their elaborate annual crossover events. But when the pandemic hit, it obliterated any plans for such events.

There was an attempt made with 2021’s Armageddon, but most would agree that it felt much too limited and self-contained in its scope.

It was established in a Season 2 episode of Superman & Lois that the CW series takes place in an entirely separate alternate universe to that of The Flash and Arrow, one where Clark Kent is the only superhero. 

This isolated setting would seem to make any character crossovers difficult, but these shows are no strangers to Multiversal travel. It’s a device that The Flash utilized countless times, especially in its early seasons.

So, perhaps Eric Wallace and Todd Helbing will indeed be able to cook something up for the fans but it all hinges on Superman & Lois getting another season. With The CW under new a leadership that wants to revamp its content, this could prove unlikely.

And if it’s not to be, then perhaps an Arrowverse movie could be produced? Stephen Amell, who starred as Oliver Queen on all eight seasons of Arrow (and who recently reprised the role on The Flash) has expressed interest in playing the character for a film or limited series. 

Superman & Lois drops new episodes on Tuesdays on The CW.

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