The Arrowverse's Final Spin-off Episode Gets the Perfect Title (Official)

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Superman & Lois Season 4 gave a perfect tribute to the Arrowverse with its official series finale title. 

Although Superman & Lois is not set in Earth Prime as the other Arrowverse shows like The Flash and Supergirl, the series is still part of the wider Multiverse. 

The Arrowverse spin-off is about to get its swan song on The CW with its final 10 episodes, officially marking the end of DC's shared universe on the small screen that started with the Stephen Amell-led Arrow in 2012. 

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What Is Superman & Lois’ Series Finale’s Episode Title?

Yvonne Chapman, who plays Amanda McCoy in The CW series, shared on Instagram a look at the script for Superman & Lois' series finale on her Instagram, showing that the episode is titled, "It Went By So Fast."

The title serves as a symbol, wrapping up the show and the Arrowverse as a whole since it implies that they had a good run filled with memorable moments that fans can look back to down the line. 

The script is filled with the signatures of Superman & Lois' cast and crew, with Chapman celebrating the show's final day of filming: 

"And that's a wrap. HUGE CONGRATS to the wonderful and talented cast and crew of 'Superman & Lois.' I am SO grateful for this beautiful experience in its final season with you all. It was a joy and honor to work on this set."

Superman & Lois' series finale script

Elizabeth Tulloch, the Arrowverse's Lois Lane, was the first cast member who unveiled the episode's title in an Instagram post on her personal account from April 12. 

Why Superman & Lois Is the Perfect Show To End the Arrowverse

There is no denying that the Arrowverse had a successful run on The CW. 

The shared universe was anchored by its impressive roster of characters, positive reception from fans, ambitious crossovers, and strong viewership. 

Although Superman & Lois was late to the Arrowverse party (it was released in February 2021) and had minimal crossovers outside of David Ramsey's John Diggle, it was still successful due to the complex storytelling that made it stand out from the other series. 

This essentially shows the growth of the Arrowverse as it echoes throughout Superman & Lois' run on the small screen. 

The series embraces the right balance of being grounded while also leaning toward its extravagant action sequences at the right moments. 

While the Arrowverse thrived with crossovers during its peak, giving Superman & Lois the chance to end its run cemented the idea that it doesn't need multiverse-ending events to conclude the shared universe with a bang.  

Superman & Lois Season 4 is set to premiere on The CW sometime this fall. 

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