CW's Arrowverse Future Gets Promising Update Amid Cancellations

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The Flash's final season marks the end of the Arrowverse as fans know it, but a new update from one of its veteran actors shed some light on its potentially promising DC future. 

The Arrowverse experienced many setbacks in 2022, with a plethora of cancellations being announced. Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi are the early victims of the chopping block from The CW.

The bad news didn't stop there, as The CW also confirmed that Stargirl is ending after three seasons. This is on top of the confirmation that Mark Pedowitz, an advocate of the Arrowverse and the Chairman and CEO of The CW, stepped down from his position. 

Still, amid the concerns from Arrowverse diehards, John Diggle actor David Ramsey confirmed that his spin-off series, Justice U, is still making headway. Now, an exciting development emerged online. 

Arrowverse Actor Teases 'Good Stuff Coming'

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Arrowverse veteran David Ramsey, who portrays John Diggle in Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Superman & Lois, replied to fan questions on Instagram about Justice U and the continued Green Lantern teases sprinkled in the other shows. 

When responding to a fan about his comment that the Arrowverse has been in an unfortunate situation due to the recent cancellations, Ramsey acknowledged it by writing, "I know.. and thank you and everyone else for sticking with us.”

The Justice U lead star then teased that "the smoke is clearing," though he noted that he "can't be specific just yet, but good stuff is in the works."

Arrow's series finale kickstarted the possibility of Diggle becoming Green Lantern when the character was shown holding a strange box containing a glowing green object that crashed near him. 

Since then, Diggle has made several appearances in virtually every Arrowverse series to provide fans with hints if he will accept the Green Lantern mantle. 

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After consulting with Wayne Enterprises and STAR Labs on how to open the strange box, Diggle's Green Lantern journey apparently ended in The Flash Season 8, Episode 18, when the Reverse Flash helped him to discover his "cosmic destiny."

David Ramsey as John Diggle, Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash, The Flash Season 8
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Ultimately, Diggle chose to be with his family instead of becoming Green Lantern, marking an end to his heroic future. 

However, it seems that Diggle's Green Lantern story is far from over, as the actor teased on Instagram that the reason his character didn't accept the ring was “A LONG story. But.. Stay tuned.”

In a past interview in September 2022, Ramsey admitted that he wants to be "Green Lantern with a really good budget:" 

“I wanna be Green Lantern with a really good budget. Because the stories are gonna be great because Greg is gonna make sure they are. Now, there is a Green Lantern story coming to HBO Max, just so you know. And I think, I think, don’t quote me on this… It is, but I think that’s exploring Guy Gardner and Jessica Cruz and some others. The big properties of Hal Jordan and John Stewart are still kind of preserved. So yes, if we had an HBO Max budget or even a bigger budget, Superman & Lois has a beautiful budget, you can see it in the show in the production value. So if we had something like that.”

Will Justice U Revive the Arrowverse?

David Ramsey's latest comments suggest that his Justice U series could set the stage for the Arrowverse's potential comeback, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the shows will return. 

The actor's hint might tease that some of the franchise's major heroes, like Flash and Supergirl, could appear as guest stars or mentors, which makes sense since the show will be about the next generation of Earth's protectors. 

Doing this allows the Arrowverse to continue through Justice U by honoring the heroes that came before.  

On the flip side, Ramsey could also indicate that Justice U will be set in Superman & Lois' Earth, a world that is vastly different from the Arrowverse's main universe. 

If this happens, then the spinoff show could serve as the launchpad of a new lineup of heroes that would introduce Superman & Lois' version of Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman and continue the legacy of past Arrowverse heroes.

In fact, this could also serve as an entry point for Diggle's iteration from Superman & Lois to finally take over as that universe's Green Lantern if all the right pieces fit. 

Justice U is still in development, and there's no release date yet.

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