Goodbye Arrowverse? The CW Reportedly Cancelling Multiple DC Shows

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The Arrowverse heroes

The Arrowverse has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but the DC TV franchise appears to be on the verge of experiencing its biggest challenge yet, as The CW is being put on sale by WarnerMedia and Paramount. This development means that things are complicated for several Arrowverse shows which haven't been renewed yet, namely Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow

The current state of limbo among The CW shows has led to a passionate social media campaign by the respective shows' writers to call the attention of the network for their renewals. Batwoman's writers' room previously spearheaded a Twitter campaign for its potential Season 4 renewal, which was followed by a week-long effort from the Legends team

While fans wait for the official renewal announcements, a new report might shed some light on the subject. 

Goodbye Arrowverse?

Arrowverse Heroes

Deadline shared a new update about the Arrowverse shows that are currently in the "bubble" for next season renewals.

While Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Naomi, and Gotham Knights are in consideration to be picked up for next season, the outlet revealed that only half of the four projects will make it, indicating that the other two won't be renewed. 

Deadline speculated that Batwoman and Gotham Knights are set in the same universe, meaning that one of them could be picked up for the 2022-2023 season. As for Legends, the outlet pointed out that it would be a "difficult decision," citing the fact that the show is "getting old" and has gone through several cast changeovers throughout its run. 

The Arrowverse's Uncertain Future

Even though the four Arrowverse shows are in consideration to be renewed, this development definitely spells bad news for them. Based on the current lineup and Deadline's report, there's a chance that Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow could end up being canceled. 

Given that Naomi is a relatively new show, it's possible that the project could at least receive another season to wrap things up. The fact that DC's Gotham Knights just received a pilot order could indicate that the show is not a candidate for cancellation. 

As for Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, it's possible that The CW could announce a shorter run for these shows, considering the network's long-running history of showcasing proper goodbyes for the Arrowverse projects. Stephen Amell's Arrow and Melissa Benoist's Supergirl both received the same treatment, so it's reasonable to assume that the pair of DC shows will experience a similar sendoff. 

However, the tricky situation surrounding the network's sale could prevent such a sendoff, thus spelling bad news for diehard fans of Batwoman and Legends

At this point, given that nothing has been set in stone yet, a late push for Batwoman and Legends' renewal could still happen. If not, then other shows like The Flash and Superman & Lois could offer at least one crossover episode for each show to wrap up their respective storylines. 

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