Arrowverse MOVIE Hopes Teased by Stephen Amell

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Arrow alum and Oliver Queen actor Stephen Amell revealed his desire for an Arrowverse movie.

It might be a bit hard to remember for some, but The CW was once home to a robust selection of superhero programming. Dubbed the Arrowverse, the shared TV universe included series like Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Of course, that same, once-flourishing shared universe was eventually reduced to one series, soon to end. With The Flash‘s series finale imminent, the death of the Arrowverse seems nigh.

Arrow's Stephen Amell Discusses Movie Desires

Green Arrow, Arrowverse

Speaking to TVLine, Stephen Amell, star of all eight seasons of Arrow, gave a hopeful response when asked if he thought his days of suiting up as the Green Arrow were over: “I don’t think so.”

Although, as Amell noted, any further role reprisal of his Oliver Queen character would need to be done differently:

“We had a good run on The CW in the Arrowverse but the idea of 22 or 23 episodes a year…. That’s a very specific way to make television, with act breaks and all those things. I had had my fill of playing Arrow in that particular medium.”

What piqued Amell’s interest, however, is “the idea of going back and doing something on a limited basis, or doing a movie.”

The actor would seemingly jump at the chance to portray Green Arrow in a way that isn’t constrained by what is acceptable to be shown on network TV, explaining that on The CW, they were “never allowed to show any blood:”

“We had scenes in our series finale where I must have killed, like, 100 people, but we were never allowed to show any blood. A lot of this hand-to-hand stuff can pack so much more of a punch if we have a little more freedom in terms of what we can show.”

Amell recently made a guest appearance on The Flash’s final season, where it was explained that the current incarnation of his character, the Spectre, can Intervene whenever the Multiverse is in danger. This enabled Amell to don the Green Arrow hood once again.

Could DC Fans Hope for an Arrowverse Movie?

The question of whether the Arrowverse could continue in another form such as a film or limited series isn’t necessarily an easy one to answer.

Firstly, DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently in the process of revamping the DC Universe on film, bringing sweeping changes concerning how things are done with the studio’s live-action/animated shared universe.

The DC visionaries have designated a special category for projects that fall outside their main DCU, however. DC Elseworlds will focus on shows and movies that are out-of-continuity, such as Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go!

So, perhaps an Arrowverse follow-up movie could be produced under the Elseworlds banner, despite the top brass specifying that Elsewords is reserved for projects that they deem important or special enough to made.

But the Arrowverse is leaving a fair amount of story content on the table when The Flash ends. The pandemic prevented DC and The CW from ever doing anything with the Justice League team which was established at the end of 2020’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Fans want to see that team in action, so there’s definitely fertile ground for a potential movie set after Flash’s series finale that explores the further adventures of the League.

The Flash has but four episodes remaining in its final season. The show airs on Wednesdays on The CW.

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