CW’s The Flash Reportedly In Danger of Ending

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Grant Gustin's The Flash is the second-longest-running series in the Arrowverse's lineup from The CW behind only Stephen Amell's Arrow, which already ended back in 2019. The DC show has successfully carried the torch for the network, launching multiple crossovers featuring the stars of Batwoman and SupergirlWhile The Flash is currently showcasing its eighth season, there have been reports that the show might come to an end sooner rather than later. 

On top of the reports of The CW's sale, it was revealed that Gustin negotiated a one-year deal to return as the Scarlet Speedster, with the contract being only for 15 episodes. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace also mentioned that the Season 8 finale was written to serve as a series finale, but it also has teases for the future. 

This potentially hints that The Flash could be gearing up for its swansong soon. Now, a new report may have cemented the show's fate. 

The Arrowverse's Flash Could End Soon

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The Hollywood Reporter shared that Jesse L. Martin, who portrays Joe West on CW's The Flash, will no longer be a series regular in the show's ninth season due to his upcoming lead role in NBC's The Irrational. Still, Martin is expected to return in multiple episodes. 

The outlet, via its sources, also reported that the series might come to an end with a shortened ninth season. This comes after The Flash and Superman & Lois both received early renewals from The CW amid the network being put up for sale by WarnerMedia and Paramount. 

The Flash’s Incredible Arrowverse Run

While this report spells unfortunate news for The Flash, a ninth season for the show would serve as a fitting ending.

Throughout its stellar run on The CW, The Flash became one of the well-liked projects of the network, mainly due to Grant Gustin's performance and the show's impressive storylines. The show has delivered many stories through the years, exploring the core characters' emotional bonds and different superhero elements.

If the show continues beyond the planned ninth season, it's possible that the show could repeat past storylines, thus sacrificing previous resolutions. While future seasons offer plenty of crossover opportunities with other shows, ending The Flash on a high note instead of a downward spiral is still the best route. 

Given that The Flash Season 9 reportedly has a shortened number of episodes, this allows the series to entirely focus on Barry Allen's ending while also giving an opportunity for past cast members such as Jesse L. Martin's Joe West, Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells, and Carlos Valdez's Cisco to return for a proper goodbye. 

Even though The Flash is nearing its end, the existence of other Arrowverse shows like Superman & Lois and Stargirl still presents the possibility of seeing Gustin's version of the character through other crossovers. Rumors also point to Gustin appearing as the Scarlet Speedster in Ezra Miller's The Flash film, so fans will get another chance to see the character on the big screen if it happens. 

All in all, The Flash seems poised to showcase a satisfying conclusion for Arrowverse fans as it heads toward its ninth and potentially final season. 

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