The Flash Movie Rumored to Include Arrowverse’s Grant Gustin

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The Flash Movie Grant Gustin

A new rumor suggested the possibility that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen in The CW's Arrowverse) could appear in Ezra Miller's upcoming The Flash.

The star of June's The Flash feature film is shrouded in controversy, having recently pled guilty to felony burglary charges. As such, conversations about potentially replacing them in the film or in future projects have reportedly taken place.

Regarding the Barry Allen of the small screen, The CW's The Flash just began its final season, indicating the end of Gustin's time as the Scarlet Speedster.

However, according to a new rumor, it might not be time for DC fans to say goodbye to Gustin quite yet.

Will Grant Gustin Appear in The Flash?

Flash Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller

Media YouTuber John Campea revealed in a recent video that there is a possibility that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen in The CW's Arrowverse) will replace Ezra Miller in June's The Flash.

Campea admitted that he "do[es] not buy into" this rumor himself, but that "a little birdie" told him and, likely, a few others that "Grant Gustin ... is going to be the new Flash of the DC Universe:"

"Could we, by the end of The Flash movie, literally see a new performer in the role of Barry Allen AKA The Flash? I have never thought so, but I’m going to let you guys in on something and this is something that, for the record, I do not buy into, alright? But I’m going to let you guys know about this, just because it’s fun for the topic of conversation. I’ve had a little bird told me and I’m sure this little bird is also telling a few other people, so you’re probably going to see this pop up over the next day or two around some other places as well that, just a short version, Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the television series The Flash is going to be the new Flash of the DC Universe."

This is not the first time this rumor surfaced, with The Illuminerdi reporting in 2021 a cameo from Gustin in The Flash.

To emphasize, Campea not only "do[es] not buy into" the rumors himself but also believes that James Gunn and Peter Safran would want their own Barry for their DCU reboot. Further, he noted that The Flash on The CW is not experiencing very high viewership, so Gustin's return would not be able to be justified based on popularity.

Grant Gustin himself recently expressed how he's "ready for [The Flash show] to be over," wanting to "move on to the next phase of your life" after starring as the DC hero for nearly a decade.

How Many Flashes in The Flash?

The trailer for The Flash already revealed at least two Barry Allens, though both are played by Miller themself. However, the existence of two Flashes does give precedent in the film and its universe for a third.

Further, there will be at least two previous Batmen appearing (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck), meaning there will also be a precedent for versions of characters from other universes and franchises appearing in the new film.

However, this is all just based on rumors for now, as Campea himself emphasized. Clearer answers may come as The Flash on The CW comes to a close and more information is revealed about The Flash film.

New episodes of The Flash release every Wednesday on The CW, and The Flash movie hits theaters on June 16.

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