The CW Says Goodbye to The Flash In Final Season Trailer

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The Flash, Grant Gustin

CW’s hit DC Comics television series, The Flash, has released the first glimpse of Grant Gustin’s last run as the Arrowverse's Barry Allen.

This version of the Flash has been through a lot since his debut back in 2014. Now, eight years later, the hero's journey is coming to an end.

From Reverse Flash to Godspeed, and even more obscure foes like Gorilla Grodd or even the Speed Force itself—the CW show has been exploring every corner of the character’s mythos.

Fans are dying to get their eyes on footage for the CW show’s big sendoff. So much so that some are even being fooled by fake trailers.

Now, the wait is over—the first look at Barry Allen’s last adventure has arrived.

The Flash’s Final Season Gets First Teaser

The CW released the first trailer for the upcoming ninth, and final, season of The Flash.

One of the mysteries the trailer teases is Barry Allen asking a mysterious someone for help. He’s looking pretty high up—given the trees and general surrounding nature, perhaps he’s talking to Gorilla Grodd?

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Warner Bros.

Richard Harmon’s Captain Boomerang makes an appearance in the promo as well—hopefully, it turns out better than the character’s journey in The Suicide Squad.

The Flash, Boomerang
Warner Bros.

The promo can be seen in full below:

The Flash’s Last Sprint

So what exactly can fans expect from the upcoming final Flash season?

Well, set photos revealed that Javicia Leslie, the lead of Batwoman, will be returning as Red Death—which is basically a Batman (or Batwoman) version of a speedster. Other returning villains include Richard Harmon’s Captain Boomerang, Damion Poitier’s Goldface, Max Adler’s Hotness, and Andy Mientus’ Pied Piper.

The upcoming season will also see the return of Nicole Maines’ Nia Nal, or Dreamer, a hero that originated from the now-canceled Supergirl series. Hopefully, the show can make some other final Arrowverse crossovers happen.

Then, of course, there will have to be something with Reverse Flash. One can’t have a big final season for The Flash and not include his most important enemy.

Maybe fans will be treated to one more Gorilla Grodd appearance as well?

There’s likely an immense amount of pressure in trying to wrap up one of the CW’s biggest shows after more than eight years.

The Flash’s final season premieres on February 8, 2023.

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