The CW Responds to Fake Flash Season 9 Trailer

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Grant Gustin as The Flash

A new trailer for The Flash Season 9 was released online over the weekend, but The CW quickly took notice and addressed the apparent DC leak. 

The Flash Season 9 is set to mark the end of the Arrowverse as Grant Gustin's titular Speedster embarks on his final adventure. The final batch of episodes is expected to address Season 8's massive cliffhanger while also featuring surprise guests along the way. 

Set photos confirmed that Batwoman actress Javicia Leslie will make an unexpected return as the Red Death alongside other returning Flash villains from previous seasons

While the anticipation for the final season has been high, it seems that the hype became too much as a fake trailer has been spotted online. 

The CW Debunks The Flash Leaked Trailer 

Flash CW Season 8

A new trailer for The Flash Season 9 was shared by @davedang02, featuring a montage of scenes from previous seasons and a glimpse at Batwoman. 

However, The CW's official Milwaukee affiliate Twitter account pointed out that the trailer is fake, noting that they haven't received any details about 2023 release dates for the shows under The CW's banner: 

"Hate 2 burst speed force bubbles, but feeling like this is a fake. We haven't received any internal word on 2023 dates yet. Old footage, esp from another show's production (#Batwoman), "with returning guests," dated open & close GFX looks & wrong tagging fonts all. #TheFlash"

Arrowverse pundit Pagey then revealed that The CW told him the same thing that they don't have the schedule for the mid-season release slate of the shows in 2023, but they are expecting it to be released "pretty soon."

The fake trailer can be seen below: 

When Will The Flash Season 9 Premiere?

The only thing certain about The Flash Season 9 is the fact that it will be released sometime in 2023, but nothing is set in stone when it will actually premiere. 

Still, The CW acting fast on debunking the fake trailer is a good thing, meaning that this could be the studio's way of teasing that actual new footage could soon make premiere online. 

Although filming for The Flash Season 9 is still ongoing, the first half of the final season is pretty much done, thus indicating that its episodes are ready to go for a potential January release. 

In 2021, Superman & Lois and Naomi both premiered on January 11. Granted that The Flash will follow the same timeframe, it's reasonable to assume that Season 9 could premiere as early as January 2023's second or third week. 

That said, there's a chance that the real trailer could be released next month (December) or even during New Year's Day to hype up its 2023 premiere. 

Based on previous trailers, The Flash Season 9's first footage could mainly focus on its first two episodes, meaning that it will likely involve clips of the new Captain Boomerang and maybe only a tease of Red Death. 

Whatever the case, The Flash Season 9 is poised to end Grant Gustin's run as the Speedster in an emotional and thrilling affair. 

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