The Flash Season 9 Gets Discouraging Release Update

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Flash season 9 release

According to a new announcement from The CW, The Flash’s ninth and final season may not be premiering when it was initially expected.

The Flash has been a CW stalwart for almost a decade. The series, of course, stars Grant Gustin as the title speedster as he battles super-powered foes in Central City.

For a time, the series was a tentpole of the Arrowverse, but as more and more of its interconnected sister series either ended or were canceled, Flash ended up being the last show standing.

The popular superhero series was seemingly racing towards its very last season premiere, slated for 2023, but as with many races, it seems there are some hurdles on the track.

The Flash Not Set for Midseason

Flash Season 9

The CW has announced its midseason schedule for Early 2023, which includes midseason premieres for The Winchesters, Kung Fu, and All American. Surprisingly, The Flash is missing from this list of shows that are returning after the Holiday break in January and February 2023.

Also somewhat alarming is the additional absence of Superman & Lois Season 3, which apparently will not be airing during midseason either.

When Will The Flash Season 9 Premiere?

There’s been radio silence on Flash and its final season for some time. There hasn’t even been a trailer released (Although a fairly convincing fake made the rounds recently.) What could be the reason for Flash and Superman & Lois not being on the network’s mid-season schedule? 

Well, it could be that The CW wants to pad out its summer programming slate by holding the two shows until then. Or they could debut in the spring. Still, the entire situation is quite curious.

Also possible is that the two DC shows will still premiere in Early 2023, and this CW slate is only highlighting dates for returning shows.

Fans will surely know of the not-insignificant shake-ups going on behind the scenes at DC. James Gunn and Peter Safran have been appointed as DC Studios’ new co-CEOs and are hard at work developing a roadmap for forthcoming DC content. It’s somewhat possible that whatever plans Gunn and Safran have involved the CW’s remaining superhero series.

Perhaps HBO Max has chosen to air The Flash Season 9 and Superman & Lois Season 3 on its platform instead? That would likely involve mountains of red tape though, so it’s probably not too plausible. But then during The CW’s acquisition by the Nextstar Group, maybe something was arranged?

No matter what the case may be, Flash fans will sadly need to wait a little bit longer for the last Arrowverse show to make its closing run.

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