First Look at Superman's New Season 3 Costume In Superman & Lois (Photos)

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Superman and Lois

DC and The CW’s Superman & Lois has long been praised by fans and critics alike. The show, which will see its third season premiere in 2023, adopts a sort of “post-mythology” angle. It depicts a Clark Kent and Lois Lane who have been married for years with two teenage twin sons, Jonathan and Jordan, and have already vanquished many of Superman’s foes.

Even though Superman & Lois has taken a few liberties here and there with Kal-El’s lore, the core of the character is still there. He’s still a force for good and a beacon of hope, and in some fans’ eyes, is more authentically Superman than the version portrayed by Henry Cavill.

Superman and Lois

Over the course of the show, Clark has suited up many times as the Man of Steel to battle evil, and will be doing so once more against a recently cast villain for the third season.

 The suit in question is very true to the comics and possesses all of the elements one would expect a Superman suit to have. There have been small tweaks to it since the series premiere though, and it looks as though Season 3 will bring with it another update to the costume.

A First Look at Superman’s Season 3 Suit

New photos from the set of Superman & Lois Season 3 have surfaced online. These new shots reveal the first look at the updated costume that series star Tyler Hoechlin will be wearing. 

Have a look at the images below:

This new version of Hoechlin’s Superman suit may look the same as previous versions, but there are actually some subtle differences.

First off, the “S” shield on his chest is now much more prominent, having been molded out of a thicker material. 

Additionally, the muscle shading on his torso has been tweaked. Not to mention that the entire suit from head to toe seems to be a few shades darker. The belt, much like the chest shield, is also denser looking, in comparison to the Season 2 costume:

Superman Season 2 Costume

No Birds, No Planes, Just Superman

So again, nothing major. The costume is still very classic looking (If one excuses the absence of the red trunks) and is unmistakable as a Superman suit.

Unlike other DC superhero shows on the CW that have more drastic shifts in costumes between seasons, Superman & Lois seems comfortable in keeping its Man of Steel suit relatively consistent.

Superman & Lois doesn’t yet have an announced premiere date for its third season, but the show was recently in the news for other reasons. Jordan Elsass who played Clark’s son Jonathan departed the show and was recast with actor Michael Bishop.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Superman & Lois are available to stream in their entirety on HBO Max.

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