First Footage from Superman & Lois Season 3 Released Online

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Superman & Lois Season 3, Tyler Hoechlin

Fans got their first look at what Superman and his wife will be up to in Season 3 of Superman & Lois on The CW.

While the Arrowverse seems to be nearing its end after more than a dozen years on the air, Superman & Lois will be back on the air in 2023 for a third season of action. The show will see some major changes, particularly with Jordan Elsass leaving the role of Jonathan Kent and Michael Bishop taking over, the story itself will bring plenty of new developments as well.

With plans set for a new Superman costume and exciting adventures on the way for this version of the Man of Steel, excitement is building to see the first round of footage from Season 3 as storylines from the first two seasons are revisited.

Now, that first sneak peek has made its way online thanks to a couple of short trailers highlighting what's on the way.

Superman & Lois Trailer Shows Season 3 Footage

The CW

The CW released the first official footage from Season 3 of Superman & Lois in two separate trailers for the series.

One video focused solely on Superman & Lois, highlighting Clark Kent and Lois Lane as parents to their twin sons, Jon and Jordan, while Lois tells her husband "I might be pregnant." The action later turns to Superman flying and fighting enemies while doing everything he can to protect his family.

That clip can be seen here:

The other teaser, which promoted a "Super Knight" double-premiere night for Superman & Lois alongside Gotham Knights, showed Clark warning his son, Jonathan, about keeping his powers a secret in public. Later, Jonathan is seen shooting lasers out of his eyes and taking down a construction site.

Jonathan Kent, Superman & Lois
The CW

That footage can be seen below:

Superman & Lois Protecting Their Family

As has been the case with the rest of the Arrowverse, the first trailers for Superman & Lois Season 3 showcase plenty of action and drama on the way for its leading Kryptonian hero. 

The new suit for Clark Kent symbolizes the essence of Superman with a change in looks from the first two years, and with the action and destruction that hits Metropolis this year, it appears that this show is pulling out all the stops for the DC protagonist.

But more than anything, a core theme in Season 3 will be the idea of family, as Lois and Clark look to have another child while keeping their teenage twin boys safe from danger out in the world. 

And while the trailers didn't tease too much in terms of the villains or plot details, The CW looks to have another thrilling season of DC storytelling as Tyler Hoechlin and his castmates get ready for their next 15-episode run.

Season 3 of Superman & Lois will premiere on The CW at 8:00 p.m. EST on March  14.

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