Superman and Lois: First Trailer Teases Fortress of Solitude & Tyler Hoechlin's New Costume

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Tyler Hoechlin as Superman

After the massive success of last year's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, the Arrowverse is set to embrace a fresh chapter, starting with a new show in the form of Superman & Lois. The upcoming CW series will see the return of Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel alongside Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, but the couple will not be alone in their next adventure since they will be joined by their two teenage sons

Given that, Superman & Lois will explore an intriguing aspect of Clark and Lois' life as parents, marking the first time that the storyline will be explored in live-action. Fans are engaged to discover how the couple adjusts to their newfound life since it was revealed during Crisis that Clark was not aware of the existence of his two boys. 

Production for the series is now underway, and set photos have teased that a classic take on the Clark Kent persona will be featured in the show. On top of that, Superman will also don a new costume for the show. And now, the first sneak peek at the series has emerged. 


The CW released the official trailer of Superman & Lois highlighting the new family dynamic of the DC power couple. 



The short yet impressive trailer provides a fascinating look at the overall look and feel of Superman & Lois. The biggest takeaway from the teaser might've been the first official glimpse at the Clark & Lois' two teenage sons named Jonathan and Jordan Kent. 

Plot details of the series are still being kept under wraps, but it is widely expected that a huge chunk of the storyline will be focused on the two brothers. Based on the new teaser, it looks like an unknown villain is trying to break the Kent family apart, as depicted by Clark trying to put the pieces of the Fortress of Solitude (with images of his family) back together. 

It remains to be seen if an ill will between the two brothers will lead to an eventual downfall for the Kent family, but it seems likely based on the official character descriptions from the show. It was previously reported that Jonathan is “clean-cut, modest, and kind-hearted with aw-shucks attitude that somehow doesn't seem dated” while Jordan “prefers to spend most of his free time alone, playing video games.”

The opposite personalities of the two brothers essentially set the stage for an inner conflict to ensue between them. Given that, it's up to Clark and Lois to sort out their differences while trying to save their family from being torn apart by outside forces. 

Whatever the case, the brief sneak peek should add more hype to the eventual premiere of Superman & Lois on February 23. 

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