First Look at Replacement Jonathan Kent In Superman & Lois Season 3 Officially Released

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The first official look at Michael Bishop’s version of Jonathan Kent, Clark's son, in DC Comics' Superman & Lois has been released.

Earlier this year, fans of the CW show were shocked when Jordan Elsass announced that after two years, he was going to be leaving the show.

At the time, sources stated the actor’s leave wasn’t due to any on-set issues. Elsass eventually released a statement that shared how he decided he needed to focus on his mental health, which led to his departure.

In his stead, it was announced that Michael Bishop would be taking over—who was previously spotted in on-set photos.

But now, fans can get a proper glimpse of what this new Jonathan will look like.

First Look at Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent

Thanks to Twitter user @John_ElSuperman, fans can take a peek at the first official stills from Season 3 of Superman & Lois, which includes Michael Bishop's Jonathan Kent.

The first still sees Jonathan and Jordan having a heart-to-heart outside the house:

Superman, Lois, Jonathan Kent, Jordan
Warner Bros.

The second image features Clark and Lois relaxing together, having a nice moment outside of all the crazy superhero antics:

Superman, Lois
Warner Bros.

What Should Fans Expect?

So what can fans expect going into Season 3?

Well, it’s already been confirmed that Chad L. Coleman’s Bruno Mannheim will be featured this season as the big bad against Superman. But he won’t be the only one causing trouble.

Some on-set photos also caught glimpses of Atom-Man's return, a baddie who was previously seen in a Season 1 flashback.

Additionally, there was a major casting notice for Superman & Lois floating around, which heavily indicated that the show was set to introduce its own version of Lex Luthor. Yes, one entirely different than Jon Cryer’s take on the villain, as seen on Supergirl.

Given Jonathan Kent’s previous mishaps with Kryptonite-X, perhaps that’s a plot thread that can somehow be connected to whenever Lex Luthor comes into play.

After all, fans know how much Lex loves to play around with Kryptonite.

Whatever happens, hopefully, Michael Bishop is more than up for the task when it comes to the storylines the writers give his character. Almost more importantly, fingers crossed that audiences have no issue accepting the actor in Jordan Elsass’ former role.

Superman & Lois Season 3 premieres on March 14, 2023.

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