First Look at Replacement Jonathan Kent on Superman & Lois Season 3 Set

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Superman & Lois is gearing up for its third season. After the confirmation that the series is not set in the Arrowverse's main Earth, the upcoming batch of episodes presents many exciting possibilities since it offers fresh storylines for characters, such as David Ramsey's John Diggle

Another character that is set to take center stage in Season 3 is Jonathan Kent. Season 2's ending hinted that the Kent family will be closer than ever following the reveal of a new Fortress of Solitude solely for them, hinting that Jonathan's training will be pushed to the forefront. 

However, the season will bring in new actor Michael Bishop to play Jonathan following the exit of Jordan Elsass from the role. Now, the first look at the actor from the set has been revealed. 

Superman & Lois Reveals New Jonathan Kent Actor

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Michael Bishop

Canadagraphs shared a video from the filming of Superman & Lois Season 3, revealing the first look at Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent. 

The set photos show Bishop and Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane inside a car, presumably having a mother and son talk while going to their destination: 

Other photos show the actor taking a break on set while talking to Episode 1 director and The Flash actor Tom Cavanagh.

Jonathan Kent's Major Role in Superman & Lois Season 3 

Based on the first look, it's safe to say that Michael Bishop's likeness is similar to Alexander Garfin's Jordan Kent, thus proving even more that they are brothers. While the photos don't reveal much, it seems likely that Jonathan Kent is poised to have a major role in Season 3. 

Given that the Kent family has its own Fortress of Solitude, it gives more reason for Jonathan to train even more and help Clark and Jordan to fight crimes and save Smallville, especially considering the arrival of Bruno Mannheim and the Intergang.

Moreover, the fact that the image shows Jonathan and Lois Lane together could hint at even more mother and daughter scenes between the two. Jonathan had a troublesome storyline in Season 2, such as dealing with X-Kryptonite and an evil Variant of himself, and more family time will be a welcome storyline for him as Season 3 moves forward. 

Superman & Lois Season 3 will premiere on The CW sometime in 2023.

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