The Flash's TV Actor FINALLY Reveals If He'll Appear In 2023 Movie

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The Flash Grant Gustin, Ezra Miller

After months of waiting for an answer, fans learned if Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash on The CW's The Flash, will join the cast of Warner Bros.' The Flash movie this summer.

The DCU is about to open up the boundaries to the Multiverse in this summer's Scarlet Speedster solo outing, which is already confirmed to bring in Michael Keaton's Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl from alternate realities.

On top of their inclusions, rumors pointed to The Flash also bringing in Grant Gustin's Flash, who is about to end his own impressive nine-year run while also closing out The CW's long-standing Arrowverse series.

But while Gustin is in the midst of his own huge crossover event on TV, the big question on fans' minds is whether he'll wind up on the big screen opposite Ezra Miller's multiple speedy heroes in the DCU.

Will Grant Gustin Appear in The Flash Movie?

The Flash Grant Gustin, Ezra Miller

Speaking with TVLine, The CW's Flash actor Grant Gustin addressed where he stands with a potential appearance as Barry Allen in Warner Bros.' upcoming movie The Flash this summer.

Gustin revealed that he hadn't "received an invitation" to the movie's premiere yet but admitted that he's "looking forward to it" in the months leading up to the event.

He's also been keeping tabs on the movie's trailers, particularly once it was confirmed that Michael Keaton would be back as Batman for one more adventure:

"Yeah, of course. I mean, I was like everybody probably in the ‘90s, loved Michael Keaton as Batman, and he’s back as Batman, and it sounds like they’ve got just about everything else packed into that movie."

When asked what he's most curious about for The Flash, Gustin turned once again to Keaton being "back in the suit" while also teasing how exciting it will be "to see a feature of that scale" surrounding Barry Allen:

"Probably that, to be honest. To see Keaton back in the suit and how they incorporate it, but also, it’s always exciting to see a feature of that scale and see what they’re gonna do with Flash in that type of setting, in that type of vehicle. And  as a Flash fan myself now, I’m just excited to see what they do with it."

The question then turned to whether it would be smart to bet on Gustin appearing in the movie himself, with him bluntly saying "no" and admitting that he's "not keeping some big elaborate secret" on the matter:

"No. (Laughs) No, there’s been a lot of rumors out there for a long time. And no one’s come out directly and asked me ever, you know, on the record. And the entire time, people ask me on the street all the time, and yeah, I’m not keeping some big elaborate secret, no."

Gustin also looked back to the time when Ezra Miller was first cast as the Flash, which was only one week after his own run began on The CW as the Scarlet Speedster:

"It was the day I think our second episode was airing, they announced Ezra. It was weird, I guess. I had just started out on my journey, so it was like 'Wow, they’re doing a movie.'"

And when asked if he feels like he should have auditioned for the movie, Gustin made it clear that he "couldn’t be more grateful" to work with the people he worked with on the show who "understood who the Flash was" and wanted the best for him:

"No, I mean, I was happy. I was working with Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti, guys that I couldn’t be more grateful to be working with and guys that I knew really understood who the Flash was and really wanted to take care of the character, so I was happy where I was. It’s just been there the whole time, but not really, because now it’s finally coming out as we wrap up."

Gustin Sets Record Straight on Flash Movie Rumors

Even though there's still a chance for Warner Bros. to spoil Grant Gustin's inclusion in the movie, which has happened with other The Flash heroes, the actor seems quite adamant that he won't be part of this new outing.

After having Ezra Miller's Flash appear for a post-credits moment on The CW and considering the directions both production companies have taken in the years since, the chances seem highly unlikely that this cameo will come to be.

While this will certainly be a disappointing bit of news for fans hoping to see the Multiverse expand even further for DC, the hope is that the other Justice League heroes and Michael Keaton's Batman can help carry the load for the plot.

And with the entire DC Universe in the early stages of a semi-reboot under James Gunn and Peter Safran, hopefully, this idea will still be on the table for future Flash projects on the way.

The Flash will premiere in theaters on June 16.

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