The Flash Movie Plans to Have Michael Keaton in Batman Costume

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Michael Keaton, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Batman Logo

Last week, a rumor sent shock waves into the Internet realm by revealing that Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman Returns) would reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in 2022's The Flash. Despite its unconfirmed nature, it sent fans into a world of both speculation and celebration since many agreed that Keaton served as the definitive on-screen take of the Dark Knight over the years. 

On top of the rumor of Keaton returning to the Bat Cave, it was also mentioned that the actor's return could be similar to the role of Nick Fury in the MCU, mentoring other heroes in the DCEU side of things. Now, a new report has surfaced which reveals even more details about the role of Keaton's Batman in the upcoming solo flick of the Scarlet Speedster. 


The Hollywood Reporter shared in a report that Keaton is still "in talks" to return as Batman, but the most glaring reveal is that the actor is set to appear "in costume" for the upcoming DCEU entry: 

Michael Keaton is in talks to return as Batman. (And by Batman, we also mean Bruce Wayne. Despite pesky rumors from certain corners, there is no Thomas Wayne in the script, sources tell us. Also: Keaton would appear in costume.)


It seems that the shocking news about DCEU's The Flash hasn't stopped yet. Fans were both shocked and amazed by the news of Keaton returning as Batman in The Flash, and the reveal of the inclusion of his costume to his intended appearance should hype up the solo flick even more. 

It's been known for a while now that the film will tackle the famous Flashpoint storyline from the comics. For those unaware, the storyline follows Barry going back in time to save his mother from dying. Upon returning in the present, Barry is shocked to find out that the world has changed because of his actions. It seems that the film will stay true to the comics, but the major difference is Keaton's Batman will be the one protecting Gotham and not Thomas Wayne (from the comics) or even Ben Affleck's grizzled Batman (DCEU's original iteration). 

Given the earlier reveal of Keaton's return to the larger DC Multiverse, it's possible that some might have thought that the actor's iteration of the character would be similar to the Bruce Wayne of the Batman Beyond animated series, where the character is on the sidelines directing point on missions. However, this reveal should erase those notions since Keaton will still be protecting Gotham as the Dark Knight himself. 

Whatever the case, Keaton's unexpected return should be a good sign for the DCEU as it potentially indicates the bolder risks that they are willing to take moving forward. 

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