The Flash Movie Confirms Major Justice League Cameo With New Merch

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The Flash, Justice League

New merchandise for Warner Bros.' upcoming DCU film The Flash spoiled a surprise Justice League cameo.

Fans have known about one big appearance for a while now: Ben Affleck's Batman. His involvement has been public knowledge since the start of the movie's production, with many signs indicating that it'll be his last time on screen as the Caped Crusader.

For a long while, it was also rumored that Cyborg would show up in Ezra Miller's solo outing—though that possibility was canned.

However, there is another hero fans can expect to see alongside the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash Funko Pops! Include Wonder Woman

The official Funko Pops! for The Flash are here and include a Justice League character.

That superhero is none other than Gal Gadot's Amazonian Wonder Woman, who is holding her lasso of truth at the ready.

Pre-order the new Wonder Woman Pop! here.

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman

One of the Funkos shows off one of Barry Allen's Prototype Suits, suggesting that the movie might have some flashbacks to when the character was first getting used to his powers.

Pre-order the new Barry (Prototype Suit) Pop! here.

The Flash

Another featured suit looks like one which was made crudely out of one of Michael Keaton's Batman suits.

Pre-order the new Barry (Red Suit) Pop! here.

The Flash

Man of Steel's General Zod is back, this time without Henry Cavill's Superman to stop him.

Pre-order the new Zod Pop! here.

General Zod

While not much is known about the mysterious Dark Flash villain, he certainly looks pretty messed up.

Pre-order the new Dark Flash Pop! here.

The Flash, Dark Flash

Ben Affleck's Batman will be joining Gadot's hero alongside Ezra Miller's Flash.

Pre-order the new Batman (Ben Affleck) Pop! here.

Batman, Ben Affleck

Iris West won't be missing the party, but it's unclear how much of a role she has in the movie—clearly enough to get her own Funko, however.

Pre-order the new Iris West Pop! here.

Iris West

The movie's second Batman, Michael Keaton, gets his own unmasked figure, which is a PX Previews exclusive.

Pre-order the new Batman (Michael Keaton) Pop! here.

Batman, Michael Keaton

While a figure with Keaton's Batman mask on isn't available on its own just yet, fans can get one with his Dark Knight flying the iconic Batwing.

Pre-order the new Batman in Batwing Pop! here.

Batman, Michael Keaton

Finally, there's a bigger diorama collectible that sees The Flash saving a bunch of babies falling through the air.

Pre-order the new The Flash Pop! Vinyl Moment here.

The Flash

What Is Wonder Woman’s Role in The Flash?

So how big a role will Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman factor into the plot? Probably not a lot.

In fact, it was recently rumored that her role in The Flash was actually removed following the cancelation of Wonder Woman's next film

This new Funko Pop! could be a sign that she will appear after all, though, it could also have been commissioned before any edits to the movie happened.

If Wonder Woman does appear alongside Ezra Miller, she's likely only a part of the movie's start, alongside Ben Affleck's Batman.

Gadot is certainly on a roll with these cameos. Thanks to official marketing material, Princess Diana is also confirmed to be showing up in Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

While the world might not be getting Wonder Woman 3, at least fans will be able to see the heroine in action at least two more times. 

The Flash is slated to premiere in theaters on June 16.

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