The Flash Movie Photos Reveal HD Look at George Clooney's Bruce Wayne Cameo

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George Clooney Flash Bruce Wayne

The official look at George Clooney's return as Bruce Wayne in The Flash has been revealed in new photos. 

Clooney played Batman in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin in 1997. Given the mixed reception toward the movie, the actor distanced himself from the role for years. 

However, The Flash's ending surprised everyone when Clooney's version of Bruce Wayne appeared to meet Ezra Miller's Barry Allen.

The Flash Photos Highlight George Clooney's DC Return

As part of The Flash's digital release, a high-definition (HD) look at George Clooney's Bruce Wayne cameo at the movie's ending has been revealed. 

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne
Warner Bros.

Despite the fact that DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn debunked the rumor about Clooney's return, The Flash's ending eventually made the surprising reveal. 

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne
Warner Bros.

Clooney's return in The Flash came after 26 years from his first stint as Bruce Wayne in 1997's Batman & Robin

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne
Warner Bros. 

A past report from The Hollywood Reporter (THR) revealed that Clooney watched the movie a couple of times before shooting for half a day in January. 

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne
Warner Bros.

Did The Flash Make the Right Move With George Clooney’s Cameo?

The fact that The Flash's ending showed another version of Batman only made things more confusing not just for Ezra Miller's Barry Allen, but also for the audience. 

While the twist was used to showcase the messy rules of time travel, many would agree that the one-off cameo didn't set up anything (unless DC moves forward with The Flash sequel). 

At this point, it seems rather unlikely that George Clooney would reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in any imminent upcoming projects, considering that DC is heading for a reboot. 

Despite the uncertainty and the problems it presented, some have pointed out that seeing Clooney back as Bruce Wayne for presumably one final time acted as a sort of redemption for the actor after his last appearance in Batman & Robin

The Flash is now available to purchase on major digital platforms.

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