The Flash Movie Streaming Release Date Might've Just Been Revealed by HBO

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New scheduling info from HBO may have hinted at when fans can expect DC Studios' The Flash to release on streaming. 

Following the movie's lackluster run in theaters, fans wait with bated breath for Ezra Miller's sprint across the DCU multiverse to come to Warner Bros.'s streamer Max

The film recently came to video-on-demand storefronts, but it remains unclear when it will start streaming for Max subscribers. 

Indications point to The Flash not arriving on the service until sometime after August, which would break a record for DC films arriving on the service.

The Flash's Max Debut Could Be Imminent

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Some are speculating The Flash's Max release may be imminent thanks to a new listing from HBO (via When To Stream). 

The Warner-owned premium cable channel has a noticeable gap in programming coming up at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 26, which many think could mark the HBO debut of DC's Flash-focused film. 

Thanks to a precedent recently set by Shazam! Fury of the Gods, some believe this could mean The Flash will release on the Max streaming service sometime during the week of August 21.

The Shazam! sequel aired on HBO in that exact same evening slot on the first Saturday (May 27) after the film hit Max four days earlier (May 23).

This means if this August 26 opening is for The Flash, a streaming release could be closer than one would have thought, specifically between the days of August 21 and August 25.

Could The Flash Start Streaming Soon?

One may think this is a case opened and closed, and The Flash will be on Max before the end of the month. 

However, there is one Warner Bros. executive-sized wrench to throw into the wheel here. 

Back in April, Casey Bloys, Chairman & CEO of HBO & HBO Max Content, told the public at the Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max reveal, "The Flash will land on the service the fall after its exclusive run in theaters."

This made it sound like the movie would be one of the studio's tentpole streaming releases in September or October, not at the end of August. 

Of course, plans change, and The Flash was not the golden goose at the box office Warner Bros. maybe thought it would be.

Plus, add in the fact that the studio now has a mega-hit that it could put into that fall streaming slot in Greta Gerwig's Barbie, and one could make the case for this late-August Max release for Flash

If The Flash is going to release on streaming in a matter of weeks, fans should hear about it soon; surely, Warner Bros. will want to juice every drop out of this super-speed orange that it can.

The Flash is currently available for purchase on digital storefronts.  

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