The Direct Podcast: Loki Episode 4 Review, WandaVision Post Credits, Mailbag! (with Barstool's Clem)

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Loki Episode 4, The Nexus Event, reached new heights of shock and awe and there are plenty of questions still to be answered. With the biggest reveal in the show's run, the story has been flipped on its head. Where do our heroes (and villains) wind up next week? We speculate wildly in our Loki review. 

The comic book movie schedule for the remainder of 2021 is packed from all three universes. The majority of those projects from the MCU side of things are sequels to franchises from The Infinity Saga. We discuss the pros and cons of the lack of new IPs being introduced into the MCU over the next 12 months. 

Finally, we answer YOUR questions in a mailbag segment featuring Barstool Sports Clem! Send in your questions on social media or leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcast to ensure your question is read in our next mailbag segment.

PRODUCTION NOTE: Keep an eye out for our Black Widow Primer episode dropping Monday, July 5. 


3:08 - The Direct Podcast Production Update

7:47 - Sizzle Reel

9:58 - WandaVision Post Credits Scene Changed

14:03 - The Flash, Keaton's Batman Concept Art

22:54 - Loki Ep4 Review

23:21 - Initial Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

25:47 - Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

1:03:08 - Lines! That! Matter!

1:13:10 - The Bigger Picture: MCU Sequels

1:26:40 - Mailbag (w/ Barstool's Clem)

1:50:02 - Weekly Recs

Outro Music: Teenage Dream 2 by Kidd G & Lil Uzi Vert

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