Watch The Flash Movie Online: DC Releases 10 Minutes for Free

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Warner Bros. and DC just released 10 minutes of Andy Muschietti's The Flash online for free.

A month after its release, The Flash is already available to purchase digitally online.

This comes as no surprise as the film to date has grossed less than $110 million in North America and will go down as one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history.

The Flash Opening Released Online

Warner Bros.

Following an epic baby-saving opening action scene heavily featuring Ben Affleck's Batman and a cameo by Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, the first 10 minutes of The Flash were released online.

Vudu released this multi-scene sequence as part of promoting The Flash becoming on sale digitally.

The scene opens with Barry arriving late to work at S.T.A.R. Labs, where audiences first meet Albert Desmond and Patty Spivot. He's ridiculed by his boss for being tardy and not past a few criminal cases that Barry feels were rushed.

Warner Bros.

After leaving work with his head down, Barry talks to Iris West, famously known for being his love interest in the comics. The conversation turns sour when Iris tries to get Barry to discuss his father's murder trial on record.

Warner Bros.

After a phone conversation with his dad (who's currently in prison), Barry flashes back to his childhood. The scene is of a young Barry and his mother and father; it's the day his mom was killed and his dad was framed for her death.

Warner Bros.

Finally, Barry back in the current timeline is upset and runs so fast that he accesses the Speed Force.

The 10-minute opening clip from The Flash, as released by Vudu, can be seen below:

A Quick Jump to the Speed Force

There's a lot to like, or even love, about these 10 minutes within The Flash. It quickly adds context to Barry's day-to-day life and the grief he still feels about his mother's death.

However, the Speed Force being introduced at such a whiplash speed with questionable CGI effects may not be as enticing as this promo is meant to be.

The Speed Force is one of the most iconic elements of The Flash character and, specifically, the Flashpoint storyline that this film was inspired by.

While this claim may leave some curious as to what happens next, the lack of clarity as to where Barry ends up by the end may just leave some confused.

In hindsight, The Flash joined many of the new Marvel projects as one revolving around time-traveling and the Multiverse but maybe should've held back and kept this first installment more grounded.

The Flash is playing in theaters and available to purchase online.

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