The Flash Movie: Barry Makes Things Awkward With His Crush In New Footage

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The Flash, Iris West

New footage from The Flash revealed one of Barry Allen's embarrassing moments. 

Thanks to The Flash's marketing, DC fans already know the Scarlet Speedster's solo film features multiple cameos, high stakes, and Barry Allen's use of super speed. 

However, a new clip suggests Barry uses his powers for personal situations too, including a moment involving his crush, Iris West.

Barry Allen's Embarrassing Moment with Iris West

In The Flash's new clip, Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons, is seen asking Ezra Miller's Barry if the two of them can talk. 

TheFlash KierseyClemons
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This is followed by a quick cut to Barry, flashing through his apartment at high speeds in a quick attempt to clean up. 

TheFlash EzraMiller
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Upon letting her in, Iris admits, "I'm not gonna lie, it's a lot tidier in here than I expected," just before a closet door bursts open and Barry's personal items crash to the floor. 

TheFlash EzraMiller
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Barry tries to move past the awkward moment by offering Iris a drink which she quickly accepts. 

Check out the full clip below:

The Flash's Use of Humor and Heart

This isn't the first time Ezra Miller's Barry has interacted with Kiersey Clemons' Iris on-screen, but it's technically the first time for the big screen. 

Clemons was intended to be part of 2017's Justice League. However, her scenes with Miller were ultimately cut. 

In 2021, Zack Snyder included the abandoned footage in his director's cut of Justice League; but now, as this new clip has shown, Clemons' Iris has been fully restored. 

It's also possible that her role as Barry's crush will contribute to his own arc. 

After all, from what trailers, teasers, and other clips have shown, The Flash looks to be a truly funny but also emotional film. 

This new bit of footage only reinforced these expectations by showing Barry in a different, and more relatable, situation. 

At the moment, it seems safe to say that The Flash isn't just another Multiversal story, but one that's personal.

The Flash arrives in theaters on Friday, June 16. 

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