The Flash Movie Edited Ezra Miller's Butt With CGI to Look More Plump (Photos)

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Ezra Miller The Flash suit

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a bit of CGI work that went into Ezra Miller's butt on a key scene from The Flash.

After years in the DCU, Miller's Barry Allen finally got a movie all to himself, taking on the DC Multiverse while meeting a few familiar faces along the way. 

The film garnered middling reviews with one of its most common critiques being the "terrible CGI," which some compared to the graphics of the almost 20-year-old video game console, the PlayStation 3.

Computer-generated elements and visual effects are nothing new to the superhero genre, but The Flash was particularly reliant on that front, with CGI being utilized even where the audience may not have thought.

Ezra Miller & Their CGI Booty

New behind-the-scenes images from The Flash revealed that Warner Bros. CGI's Ezra Miller's butt for the film. 

Ezra Miller Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot The Flash Behind the Scenes
Warner Bros.

As posted by @NebsGoodTakes on X (formerly known as Twitter), the production still shows Miller's titular hero on a Gotham City bridge alongside Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck's Batman. However, Miller's rear is significantly flatter than what was seen in the film. 

Ezra Miller Ben Affleck Gal Gadot The Flash Bridge Scene
Warner Bros.

While the character fills out the suit quite a bit more in the final cut of The Flash, it is much more loose-fitting in the behind-the-scenes image. 

Flash movie behind the scenes with Wonder Woman, Batman Flash
Warner Bros.

This indicates that CGI effects work was done on the actor's butt to give them a more gargantuan gluteal region. 

Why Did Warner Bros. Beef Up The Flash's Butt?

As it stands, it remains unclear exactly why Ezra Miller's butt was fiddled with for the final cut of The Flash

However, it is not the first time a studio has done something like this to one of its main characters. 

In 2022, much discourse was had following the realization that Marvel Studios had seemingly edited Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Tenoch Huerta's bulge. The super-powered brand looked to have toned down Huerta's crotch region for unknown reasons. 

No matter how much digging went into that comic book controversy, no findings were ever presented. 

And looks like it is going to be the case here. Miller's super-powered booty is likely just a case of a studio wanting its heroes to have a god-like physique worthy of their extraordinary powers. 

Ezra Miller and their CGI'd butt can be seen in The Flash, which is streaming now on Max

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